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Nov 10, 2008 09:26 AM


Please tell me someone out there knows where I can buy chipotle peppers in Manhattan. Whole Foods, Gourmet Garage, Balducci's, West Side Market were all duds in the chipotle department. Someone help, I need them by this evening!!!

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  1. Trying calling Citarella - they have a nice selection of dried/smoked peppers these days. You might also want to check Kalustyan's.

    1. Eli's - 80th and Third
      Garden of Edens

      Call first

      1. I am guessing you want the dried, not the canned with adobo, right?

        Have you tried a Mexican grocery? Fairway should also have these...

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          Fairway has dried chipotles, but they don't regularly stock chipotles in adobo. For the latter, however, you can try almost any other supermarket. Associated, the Met, Pioneer, Western Beef always have chipotles.

        2. check the manhattan fruit exchange in the chelsea market

          1. Zaragoza, a little Mexican deli on Ave A and 13th st. probably has them. Have a taco and a beer while you shop!