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Orlando Sports Bar to watch Bowl Games

We're going to be in the Disney area for New Year's and we're looking for a good spot to watch the college football bowl games. Any suggestions? Price & "Kid Friendly" not important. Thanks!

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  1. I have a few places in mind.
    my number one pic is JB's sports bar at the corner of kirkman and conroy. This is a neighborhood sports bar that has been in buisness for almost 20 years. The wings are signature. They are not the meatiest, But they are cooked extra crispy in a sauce that will make one pass out if you get too close. The vinegar/hotsauce combination is a true winner. They have several huge screens for watching and they are the local steeler fan hangout on sundays.
    Another place is TGI fridays frontrow at sandlake and I-drive. This place was a big sports bar untill fridays took it over. They still have several big sreens to watch the game at.
    Universal and Disney have their respected sports watching establishments and high prices and low quality will dominate. Orlano Ale house on kirkman is also good but my favorite has to be JB's

    1. How about the ESPN Club on Disney's boardalk?

      1. I'd recommend the Ale House (a Florida-based chain) over Disney's ESPN Club. The Ale House has lots of TVs, drink specials, and a diverse, reasonably-priced menu with lots of options for everyone. It'll probably be packed, but the ESPN Club will probably be just as packed, but also cost three times as much.

        1. Try Buffalo Rings and Wings. It's in Orlando on Town Center Blvd near Disney. Great wings, lots of tv's, kid friendly and they have good food specials.


          1. I'd recommend the Ale House over the ESPN Club. Ale House (on Kirkman) isn't too far; second choice would be the on John Young Parkway, just south of 417. Last choice would be Orange Blossom Trail; that can be a very dicey area, especially at night. ESPN Club at Disney is going to be more expensive and you'll have more families there as opposed to fans who are interested in the games.

            1. Have watched many a game out over the years. I'd have to say that any of the Ale House locations would be a top choice. Been to JB's many, many times and no offense to Mtdora hound, Ale house tops. Good food and drink specials, good screens no matter where you are sitting. Good wings if that is your thing, Hubby is from Buffalo and gives them a thumbs up. ESPN is OK, but Ale House is easier to watch a game. Have fun!

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                I like the Ale House alot.....Florida-based...home team....and watching games there is great.....But the ESPN Club at The Boardwalk rules!......They get a very diverse crowd in there.....fans from all over the place.....The food is very good.....and not really over-priced......And I like the fact that you can pull up at The Boardwalk Hotel....valet park.....walk thru the lobby.....and go to the ESPN Club.....which also...by the way......has visiting celebrity athletes there during bowl weeks and BCS national title games.....and Ale House....which I love....doesn't.......Love Ale House.....But the ESPN Club is the place to be......And for what it's worth.....I'm a professional sports writer.......


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                  The TV's at jb's are not very good. One of the best place to go and be able to watch a bunch of games at one time is BW-3 on I drive. Also as the others stated, Friday's front row on I drive and ale house are good as well

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                    Thanks everyone! Been to ESPN serveal times and it does get sooo crowded. May check out the Ale House.

              2. We were at Friday's Front Row on I-Drive a few weeks ago and were very disappointed in the layout and quality of the TV's. Also, they'll change channels on you you just because one person asks a TV be changed even though you've been watching it for the past hour. There are few large screens and the older, smaller screens are not very clear. My vote also goes to the Ale House.