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Nov 10, 2008 08:44 AM

looking for pho ga with poached chicken and LIME not lemon

I'm looking for pho ga that's like the pho ga I knew and loved in Boston. Mostly this means poached, not grilled, chicken, lime, not lemon, and lots of thin slices onions. Any help??

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  1. THAI Son at 40-10 74th St (across from 74th St Subway Station) has Pho Ga which I'm fairly certain is not grilled chicken. The menu says the chicken is shredded. I've had other PHO's but not Pho Ga that is served with thin slices of onions (you can asked for a lot ot it). On the side of all PHO's is lime, sprouts & basil leaves. Its reasonably priced at $5.25 which includes an excellent complimentary tea. They use to serve lemon but after lots of complaining its now lime.

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      I have had the pho many times at thai son, but i don't remember getting basil leaves -- i thought they were serving it with mint.

      1. re: mshpook

        I'm a regular at ThaiSon and its basil. The only dish that I order is Pho Bo Kho which is stewed beef cube & tendon (beef stew). Its possible that for this particular dish (very different from traditional PHO) that they serve basil instead of mint since its has a tomato base. If you like basil request it. Occasionally, I'll take it home when I'm planning to make Tomato Sauce rather than buying a large batch at the green market. Yep, if it looks like basil and smell like basil it most likely is basil.

        1. re: Mike V

          I know i have gotten mint with the traditional PHO. I will have to try the Pho Bo Kho...sounds good.

          1. re: mshpook

            Having grown up eating Viet food, I recommend (if you can find it) Bun Rieu noodle soup, which is a lighter soup with tomatoes, crab-meat, shrimp, basil and tofu. DELCIOUS (my mom makes a great version of this).

            Most Viet places don't make it, but Pho Bac in Elmhurst does. Their version is average.

            1. re: Sammiches

              Sammiches, I did a search. The only restaurant besides Pho Bac that has it is BOI, 246 East 44th St which is a more upscale Vietnamese Restaurant. At BOI its $13, at Pho Bac $5.95. The menu at Pho Bac doesn't mention crab meat just shrimp. At BOI its shrimp & crabmeat. I plan to try the one at Pho Bac soon. At Pho Bac its served on Rice Vermicelli. Thanks for the info on Bun Rieu.