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Nov 10, 2008 08:43 AM

Best place for fried rice?

I'm interested in hearing opinons about which restaurant has the best fried rice. Be it chicken, beef, pork etc. So far I can say that the best i've had in Toronto has to be the bbq pork fried rice found at Golden Embassy at Broadview and Gerrard.

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  1. My favourite fried rice is from ABC Bakery at 3618 Victoria Park just north of McNicoll. They make an awesome Young Chow Fried Rice (bbq pork, shrimp, etc.) for $4.50. It's a great lunch. Service is fast, efficient and friendly.

    1. Sweetgrass, where exactly is Golden Embassy? Is it on Gerrard or Broadview?

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      1. re: Brain of J

        It's on the south-east side of Broadview, next to a Vietnamese restaurant.

      2. I've tasted fried rice all over the GTA and in my opinion the best tasting fried rice was from a place called Sum Kee Restaurant. Especially the beef fried rice!!! It's located on 1060 Gerrard Street East, near the northwest corner just west on Jones Avenue.

        However, since the summer time I noticed new owners took over. It sort of changed the fabulous taste of the food and the prices have gone up a little. Mind you now, it's sort of a hit and miss these days because I don't like the new younger chef's cooking as much as the OLD CHEF who was in his 50's or so. I WILL ONLY BUY CHINESE FOOD IF IT IS THE MASTER CHEF COOKING THAT DAY. THE YOUNGER GUY SUCKS IN COMPARISON FROM MY TASTE TEST. lol

        Today, I noticed the OLD CHEF wasn't cooking when I looked out of the streetcar so I stayed on. If he was there, I would have got some beef fried rice and some chow mein. Anyway, I sincerely hope this man didn't quit his job because new owners of a restaurant change everything. :(

        Also, I've had fried rice from Golden Embassy. Sum Kee's when the OLD CHEF is cooking it is so much better tasting than G.E. by far.

        BTW, my favorite breakfast in this entire universe is fried rice. From Yeung Chow Fried to beef, chicken or seafood fried rice. Who needs bacon/eggs with toast or cereal when fried rice is so much better in the morning. ;)

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        1. re: YummyYummy

          Sounds pretty good. Anything else you would recomend from there?

        2. I pretty much never order fried rice when I go out for Chinese food except for when I am at Congee Wong. Their Seafood with Dry Garlic Fried Rice is awesome! It costs under $10 and the order is huge; big enough to feed 4 people very generously. It consists of shrimp, calamari, scallops, massago?( the little tiny orange fish eggs that you find in Califiornia rolls), slices of chinese broccoli stems and tiny pieces of dried garlic. It is the best!