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Nov 10, 2008 08:38 AM

Hot Tomatoes, Downtown Crossing

I noticed there's a new place opening across from The Good Life. Signage says "Hot Tomatoes: An Urban Kitchen." A little Googling found a place already in the North End, is it the same? No idea when they plan to open. This is the info I found about the place in the North End:

"Hot Tomatoes is the new cafe by Carmen and Jeff Malloy. The menu is loaded with New York deli-style sandwiches, fresh salads and so much more.

Choose from traditional sandwiches, such as the Monte Christo or 42nd Street to something much different like The Green Monster or The Cowboy. There is something for everyone. The salads are fresh and offer a wide variety of choices. Hot Tomatoes also has a great selection homemade tomatoe pies or of course you can build your own.

Also, visit Carmen and Jeff's other restaurant, Carmen, a popular trattoria-style restaurant."

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  1. It's the same as the NE..maybe open in a few weeks.A little pricey but excellent meatballs and bolognese sauce...overall very high quality.