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Nov 10, 2008 08:29 AM

I just had the worst shawarma

Do NOT go to Champion at Danforth and Donlands. Completely unacceptable product. Slimy chicken, no pink turnip, skimpy on the garlic sauce, wilted lettuce, grainy tomato. Plain awful.

I lived in Ottawa for years and was clearly spoiled by the quality of shawarma there. Shawarma King on Elgin was my fave.

Why is it so hard to find good shawarma on Toronto's east side??

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  1. I totally know that place you're talking about. Try Ali Baba's (must be the Parkdale one, east of Lansdowne) it's better.

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      I mean better than the place in the Market

    2. I think there are different styles of chicken shawarma. My favourite from Armenian Kitchen does not have the pink pickles although they do serve them. But Champion is Turkish and I don't know if they have the pink pickles at all. That said... we live around the corner and want to support the small businesses on the strip. They're also really nice in there. But after a few visits when they first opened we have not been compelled to go back - and I love shawarma.

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        I had a decent sandwich from that place when it opened. Was a Turkish meatball thing and quite unique..
        I found it interesting to be in a place on the Danforth completely packed with Turks.

      2. My wife and I ordered a takeout shawarma there in the early summer, and it wasn't very good. We should have figured that out as it was completely deserted at 8:30 pm. I heard they specialise in kokorec, not shawarma. Click here for more details:

        1. tough to beat the chicken gyro's at alexandro's or messini's in the same immediate area!

          same idea as a shawarma just different spicing

          1. Tried the Ali Baba's at Dundas and Church. All ingredients were super fresh, the chjicken shwarma in a pita was stuffed with a ghood amount of chicken, tabbouleh, picke, etc. Finished product nicely heated in a panini press. About $5 for a tasty shwarma

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              where on dundas and church did you find this place? i went on the ali baba's website and they showed that there was one located on parliament and gerrard. is that the one you were referring to?

              1. re: qwertypk

                It is right at the south-east corner, across from Pizza Pizza.

                1. re: qwertypk

                  southeast corner of church and dundas across from the street from Pizza Pizza. It only opened recently.