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Nov 10, 2008 08:20 AM

Looking for home cookin' feel- Grandma (and family) in town for dinner

My family is in town this coming Saturday to go to the Royal Winter Fair with my Grandma. (None of us are under 27) My grandma is from a farming town, so I don't want anything stuffy or expensive. Something with a bed and breakfast feel maybe? Something in the downtown core where we can get some yummy food in a comfy, unique atmosphere. Thanx for any ideas!

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    1. re: Edith S

      That's funny that this is the first suggestion, as it was the first place I thought of as well, but I have never been.. a little more expensive than I would like but.. maybe..

    2. Harlem? I've never been there (gotta stop recommending things I've never been to)...Harbord House is really good too, and fits your description.

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      1. re: canadianbeaver

        The stairs at Harlem may be a bit tricky for Grandma. Dark stairwell and narrow treads.

        1. re: jillybean38

          I haven't been there, like I said. Then again, the OP didn't say anything about the physical abilities of the Grandma.

      2. Focaccia? only a few table in a old row house...

        1. Chopin on Roncesvalles north of Queen wouldn't be too far from the Royal Winter Fair. Great schnitzels, cabbage rolls, potato pancakes, wooden plates, perogies, borscht, etc. in a cozy atmosphere with lots of wood. It's my favourite place for homestyle food downtown. Not stuffy or expensive. Probably could eat for $20 per person including tax and tip.

          Cafe Polonez and Staropolska would also be similar options nearby.

          If it's a daytime meal, maybe Prague deli on Queen West would be a good option.

          Le Select doesn't have a homecooking feel imho- more like faux Parisian bistro.

          1. all good ideas! are there any home'y feeling italian resto's in little italy?

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            1. re: andrea0guernz

              Re: the above suggestion of Harlem, I love it, but I think Grandma might find it to be a bit too hip/city perhaps (eg. the art is made of hair).

              As for Italian, it's not in Little Italy or near the Royal Winter Fair, but Quattro Regazze on the Danforth might fit the bill. I haven't been (though I'd like to), but have read about it on this board and it sounds tasty, homey, and without pretention. Check out this thread:


              Other than that, I'm drawing a blank...

                1. re: andrea0guernz

                  Ristorante Roma on Bloor at Dufferin is homey feeling. Definitely not stuffy or expensive. Service very friendly. Casual laid-back but with a dining room -- rather than fast-food -- atmosphere. I've only ever had the pizza but it was delicious and tastes homemade. They serve a carafe of wine in lovely "old-country style" ceramic jugs.

                  Quattro is a nice little neighbourhood spot but not worth the trip across town in my opinion.

                  Ristorante Roma
                  1090 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H1M6, CA

                  1. re: JamieK

                    Just realized Roma has undergone a Restaurant Makeover since the last time I was there. Sincerely hope this has not had a negative impact on their food or prospects.

                    By the way, I agree with the European suggestions on Roncie's posted by Phoenikia.