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Nov 10, 2008 06:58 AM

Madras New Woodlands restaurant, Singapore

One of the pleasures of eating out in Singapore is the tremendous choice of Indian cuisine available. Little India (Serangoon Road & its environs) has always been a haven for those seeking good Indian, especially Southern Indian, food.

Popular homegrown Singaporean-Indian restaurants lined Race Course Road & Buffalo Road, stalwarts like Komala Vilas (Indian vegetarian), Apolo Banana Leaf & Samy's (both specializing in fish-head curry), Mustard (Bengali food), etc. In recent years, branches of famous restaurants of India have started making an appearance at Syed Alwi Road: Raj of Kolkata, Mumbai's Copper Chimney, Chennai's Murugan's and Anjappar's, Sagar of Delhi, etc.

But my personal favorite place to eat in Little India will always be Madras New Woodlands on Upper Dickson Road. Been dining there for more than 20 years, but the place just seems to get better & better with each passing decade. And my favorite meal-time there is definitely breakfast-time, when it serves up some of the best masala dosa, paratha, idli, upuma & appam in Singapore!

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  1. Placemark:

    Madras New Woodlands Restaurant Pte. Ltd.
    14 Upper Dickson Rd, Rochor, Singapore 20, SG

    1. Just refreshing an old thread on my fave South Indian vegetarian spot in Singapore with a more recent lunch with a couple of office colleagues:

      - Papri chaat, one of those fantastical concoctions where various flavours (jaggery-sweet, tamarind-sour, salty, spicy) and textures (crisp, floury, liquidy) came together to create a perfect snack.

      - My two colleagues both chose the thali set (with both crisp paratha bread & rice), accompanied with 8 types of curried vegetables, plus yoghurt and "rasam" soup (a disgestive).

      - for myself, I opted for "prata", with a creamy "navratan khorma" dip, and a "channa dhal" (spiced chickpeas) dip. Madras New Woodlands had always had the flakiest, greaseless paratha (called "prata" here in Singapore) around.

      - we shared a selection of teeth-busting sugary Indian sweets: a syrupy "jalebi" coil, a sweet "boondi ladoo" globe, a milky-rich slice of "burfi", and some steamed "idiyappam" rice noodles, to be eaten with shaved jaggery and freshly-grated coconut.

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        That sounds like heaven - need to head down soon.

      2. sounds awesome, never been to this place

        chaat is my all time favorite indian food...its the one indian food i can eat alot of fairly regularly. i also really like southern indian food which singapore is great at as you said