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Nov 10, 2008 05:57 AM

Take Out Thanksgiving Dinner

I would like to order traditional Thanksgiving dinner for my family (8 people) and not able to cook it myself. Seeking suggestions for really good place from which to take out -- less concerned about cost, more interested in quality. Please offer suggestions!

Thanks so much,

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  1. Depends where you are. I saw that the Silent Chef in Scituate is offering take out T'sgiving dinner. Haven't tried it, but used them for my wedding and was very pleased. Other people here have given them props as well.

    1. Whole Foods. I haven't used them for catering, but I imagine the quality is good.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. i have the perfect place for you - Verrill Farm in Concord, MA. The food is terrific- reasonably priced, as fresh as is gets and chef prepared. You can also order from them a farm fresh free range turkey from VT and delicious homemade pies as well. The owners daughter is a pastry chef and makes all of the desserts. You can order by phone and arrange for pick-up. I looked up their blog in case it would help: Scroll down to the Oct. 28 post for the full menu and contact info. or to learn more about the farm,

          Just as an aside, the farm stand burned to the ground about 3 weeks ago. However, they have been fully operational outside and are in the process of moving into a temporary facility on the land while the farm stand is being rebuilt. The man who owns this place is an outstanding human being and is very well respected in Concord. You can count on your food being fresh and delicious. We shop there several times a week and love it. Plus, you'll also be supporting the building of a new farm stand so you can feel good about supporting a family and their employees.
          Happy Thanksgiving!

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            OMG, Thank You!!! I hate Whole Foods cooking and was wondering what to do this Holiday. I'm ordering my bird and sides ( and maybe that apple/raspberry pie) tomorrow.

          2. Formaggio on Huron Ave in Camb. and in the So. End- offers Thanksgiv. dinners.I would guess it would be excellent.