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Nov 10, 2008 03:20 AM

Tangerine Thai in Tuckahoe: Thumbs Up!

My wife and I had some excellent Thai food at the new Tangerine Tahi restaurant in Tuckahoe (90 Yonkers Ave.). The dining room has recently been renovated and looks a whole lot better than the previous "Garlic and Pepper" restaurant. Talked with the friendly owner who told me that the cooks, menu and staff are all new.

The Spicy Basil Noodles were every bit as good as the versions of this dish we have had along 9th Avenue. Although I have had more intensely flavored renditions of Penang Curry, the sauce was light, healthy and quite tasty. Our fried tofu was fresh and delicious.

Best of all, the lunch here Monday through Friday is only $7.95. Where can you find that good a bargain in Westchester?

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  1. I just drove past there the other day, and was wondering how it was. Sounds like it's a must try.

    1. I had dinner there last night. Since it was my first time eating there, I ordered the standard dishes by which I judge a Thai restaurants by: Tom Yum Soup, Papaya Salad, Pad Thai, and Beef Krapow. In addition we ordered the Prawn Rolls and Crispy Tofu. They didn't ask us how spicy we wanted the dishes to be so I just let them decide. Tom Yum was a bit too salty but had great balance of lemon grass, basil, shrimp and spice. Papaya Salad was missing the beef jerky but still good. Pad Thai was too sweet but we still polished it off. Beef Krapow was the only downer. It tasted too much like Chinese Beef Stir fry. Prawn Rolls and Crispy Tofu were pretty good. I would definitely go back but I would also specify to make the dishes spicier.

      1. I had written about our first visit to this place on another thread. In that case we were part of a party of 5. It was a success, so this past weekend we went back with another couple who have spent some time in Thailand and are always looking for decent Thai in Westchester. Another success. In many cases, the heat does seem to be turned down some, but we have been happy with what we had. I happened to have the spicy basil noodles with duck the first time and liked it so much that I had it yet again this week (and still like it.) Others had a panang curry, a red curry and one of the duck specials. We shared three appetizers and one dessert (satay, golden bags, curry puffs and fried banana with ice cream.) We all ended up taking home leftovers: others may have larger appetites than we, but the portions are fairly generous. Haven't yet tried any of the soups or salads. They do not yet have a liquor license but seem receptive to people bringing their own. It was, overall, a very pleasant dining experience and very reasonably priced. Nothing on the menu is over $20. They are by no means operating at full capacity, though not (on the weekend nights I've been there, at least) scarily empty. On a selfish level, I'd like always to be able to walk in there on the spur of the moment and find a table available, but, on the other hand, they need enough business to remain open for when I decide to show up -- I hope they get it!

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          Yes. We were the only party at the restaurant. In the Garlic & Pepper days, people came in for beer and steak. I never had it but I'd hear tables of men raving about their steak. "I told you they had good steak here!!"

        2. Is it the same owner/chef, Dom, as Garlic & Pepper?

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            New owner, new host, new waiter, new menu, new flatware, new everything except location.