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Nov 10, 2008 02:03 AM

NYC Visit - Planned Food

Hi everyone

Three of us will be visiting NYC from 31st December - 4th January and have been agonising over where to sample NYC's finest! We've been to the city a few times before so already have our favourite places, but am open to any alternative suggestions from the chowhounds.

It's important that the places are reasonably downscale - we travel light and therefore pretty much stay in casual gear.

Our planned choices are:

Breakfast: Clinton St. Baking Co / Skylight Diner
BBQ: RUB / Blue Smoke
Mac n Cheese: Blue Smoke
Burger: Burger Joint / Shake Shack
Steak: Peter Luger (if the budget will stretch) / Angelo & Maxie
Pizza: Patsys/ Grimaldi
Dessert: Rice to Riches

I would really appreciate feedback on the above, and in particular any alternative suggestions. Food is always a really big part of our trip and I like to try and get it right.

Thanks Chow Hounds :-)


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  1. You might want to add Max Brenner's to the list for dessert. If you like chocolate this place is a must!

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    1. re: KatieMarquiss

      No. Max Brenner is terrible, novelty chocolate. If you care about quality, don't go there.

      1. re: kathryn

        Yes, Max Brenner is low quality dreck and should be avoided if you actually like chocolate.

    2. No Chinese? Would def hit NY Noodletown, my personal favorite, or perhaps squeeze in some dim sum.

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      1. re: frankki

        Ditto -- however I don't really see any non-American, non-pizza places on the OP's list....

        1. re: kathryn

          kathryn - there is a real lack of decent american food places in the UK so we try to get our American gastro feast on vacation!

        2. re: frankki

          We do like chinese however when we last visited Chinatown we didn't have a clue where to go! NY Noodletown sounds great though - I'll add it on.


          1. re: tinabull

            I'm not terribly familiar with Chinatown, but had good eats on this little excursion - and it's cheap to boot!


            Amazing 66 is a Chinatown restaurant that I read a lot about here, but haven't tried yet (do a search for title:"Amazing 66").

        3. If you cannot make it to Peter Luger, please do not go to Angelo & Maxie's. There are far better backup options tina.

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          1. re: steakrules85

            can you suggest an alternative in a similar price bracket to A&M? We've been there a few times and always thought the strip was good,but as I say, am keen to try new places.


            1. re: tinabull

              I agree with Kathryn. Skip Max Brenners unless you just want to stop in for a hot chocolate to go while you're walking around.

              I'm a big fan of Rice and Riches. The rice pudding is great and if you are in the mood for chocolate go for their Rocky Road flavor. It's pefect for chocolate lovers. They let you sample flavors so try a few before you decide which ones you want. The line is long, but it moves quickly. I love holiday time in NY. Have fun!!!

          2. for bbq - head uptown to dinosaurs - best bbq in NYC

            and i know im the heratic here, but i've been underwhelmed by patsy's pizza

            1. I'll second the Dinosaur BBQ recommendation. If you'd like more soul food rather than/in addition to bbq, you might try Rack & Soul.

              For mac and cheese, you might consider S'mac. Or (and I like this better) Pinch & S'mac on the UWS for both mac n cheese and pizza.

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              1. re: LNG212

                I can't speak to the UWS location (as they don't serve any gluten-free options) but I'm definitely seconding the S'mac recommendation!