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Looking for Pomegranite Tequila and candied citrus peel

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I live on the Olympic Peninsula and want to find out where I can buy La Pinta brand Pomegranite Tequila, in Seattle or surrounding areas, perhaps even Olympia. I can have the liquor store order it, but I would have to buy a case of it, and don't want to buy that much!
I am also looking for candied citrus peel, that I can buy in large quantities.
Thank you for any help you can give!

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  1. You can search WA State Liquor store stock at http://www.liq.wa.gov/services/brands....

    It'll help if you spell it pomegranate (and it looks like Blaine is the only place that has it currently).

    As for candied citrus peel, define 'large quantities'?