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Nov 9, 2008 07:44 PM

Anyone been to Cafe Petisco?

What is it? Any good? I think it opened last month. I'm looking for more options in that immediate 'hood. Thanks.

Cafe Petisco
189 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002

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  1. The menu is very very basic with not many options. There's no separate lunch menu. However, they promise that their free range meats, organic eggs and locally grown produce is totally worth the $. Honestly, it's not! I was disappointed with the food and the service. The salad ($11.50) I had wasn't anything special. Btw, they use canned tuna! $5.50 for a bagel and $8 for yogurt with granola is a tab bit pricey to me.

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      Thanks for the report. Will avoid.

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        Hey, I have been leaving in the hood over five years, and I must say that Petisco is a great addition to the lower east side. Brunch is great and fresh, it feels like home - try the Egg Burrito!!! my morning meal is the oatmeal -very good. My friend had the Shakhuka loved it. Must try the place and then decide. It is great and friendly place.

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      1. Four of us were there for Sunday brunch, we all ordered different dishes, and we all loved it. Friendly, attentive staff; delicious, fresh food; hot, strong coffee; pleasant (not spacious) surroundings... a most agreeable time.
        Here's a link to the menu - - which, unfortunately, does not include the Brunch.
        Give it a try and decide for yourself.

        1. I work nearby and do like this place a lot. I mostly have the egg/breakfast menu -- the lunch menu is rather pricey. One breakfast special (which is served all day -- just ask for the breakfast menu) is excellent: beautifully cooked eggs, Israeli salad, pita and labne (sp?).