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Nov 9, 2008 07:34 PM

Light Dinners in Charleston and Savannah

Hi all,

Currently in Charleston and then traveling to Savannah. We've already been to SNOB and Magnolia, and we're going to Hanks. So, we're getting some good meals in Charleston. But are there any suggestions for a lighter option in Charleston for one night, to take a break from the heavier food?

We have the same question about Charleston. We're going to Mrs. Wilkes for lunch. What would be a good place for a light dinner that night?

Thanks a lot!


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  1. Fast & French on Broad Street is always a great place for a lighter meal in Charleston. Cru Cafe is also a good choice.

    1. Alluette's Cafe in Charleston. It's "organic soul food" so to speak. Very light on the unhealthy ingredients and heavy on the fresh and local.

      For Savannah - if you weren't going to the southern temple of Mrs. Wilkes for lunch, I'd recommend the veggie plate at Sweet Potatoes. That said, their sister restaurant Toucan Cafe has a great menu from which you can craft something light and healthy:

      1. If you're travelling 17 down to Savannah, stop off in Beaufort (you can take 170 from Beaufort to Savannah instead of backtracking to 17) for sushi.

        Fomiko the fork of the road of 280 and 802 in the Shell Point shopping center. Good fish at a place manned by one little Japanese man...Mr. Lee. Be sure to try his house specialty roll...the Famiko Maki.

        Enjoy your visit in Chs & Sav!