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Nov 9, 2008 07:30 PM

What is the best gumbo in or around the FQ?

I love to cook and eat gumbos. I have a short trip to New Orleans at the end of this week and hope to try some more. I'm not driving, so I am looking at places in or close to the French Quarter.

The last and only time I went to New Orleans, I tried the gumbos at Mother's, NOLA, Dooky Chase, Drago's, K-Paul's, Gumbo Shop, Liuzza's by the Track, and Sidmar's. I liked Dooky Chase the best for the rich broth.

Also, is there any place around the FQ I can pick up some Tasso and Andouille to take home?

What would you suggest and what do you like about them? Thanks in advance.

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  1. try Mr. B's and Muriel's.
    sadly Sid-Mar's has not reopened post-K.

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    1. re: edible complex

      Muriel's I hadn't heard of. I'll check it out online.

    2. I can strongly recommend the gumbo at Molly's on the Market.

      1. I think you can still get tasso & andouille at Central Grocery

        1. Mr. B's YaYa, gumbo of the day at Herbsaint. Cochon's pork, black eyed peas and greens gumbo. (I add salt and hot sauce). Commander's makes an excellent one as well.

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            Cochon's is very tempting, although probably more for the pork. My doctor might not approve of that one.

          2. I like Mandina's on Canal St. The shrimp are never tiny.