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Nov 9, 2008 06:55 PM

Milwaukee, WI

I am going to Milwaukee, WI for a conference at Marquette University and I will be staying at nearby Ramada Inn.

I won't be having access to a car so will be relying on bus or taxi for short distances.

Any recommendations on places to go for lunch in the Marquette area?

And any recommendations for dinner near Ramada Inn or that are worthwhile taking a short taxi ride to?

I love french, asian, fusion, but am up for anything that is good in the area. Budget for dinner would be up to $20. Budget for lunch is up to $15ish.


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  1. If you're OK with kinda-fast food, Real Chili is a few blocks from campus. I haven't been there (yet), but it gets good reviews.

    Here's a thread from last summer asking a similar question:

    It's easy to catch a bus to downtown, where you'll have more choices - search this board for "downtown Milwaukee".

    And though it's not French, Asian, or Fusion, my favorite MKE restaurant is Mekato's Columbian Bakery and Cafe. You could FEAST for $20. There's a bus stop right in front (on 35th). I'm not sure of the logistics of getting to that bus from campus, but I'm sure it's possible. Otherwise, it's not far away, so a cab wouldn't be that pricy. Here's my rave review from this summer:

    Have a great time!


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      For public transit information in and around Milwaukee, see

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        Real Chili is fantastic. Go for thhe hot with all the fixings and add a little of the hot oil. Make sure a bathroom is reasonably handy afterwards, though (especially with the cheap 2nds)! :O

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          It's not "real" chili... don't waste your time!
          Take a cab ride to the Milwaukee Public Market! It has EVERYTHING! and it's casual enough to walk around, shop and sit and eat at your leisure!
          Or head over to Old World 3rd St. to get some good Italian small plates at Tutto or a sausage and spaezel at Old German Beer Hall (Hofbrauhaus)

      2. Marquette, about 10 years ago, sort of took over their neighborhood did extensive real estate renovations. In the process, they wiped out a lot of the small restaurants and coffee shops, etc, that grow up around a campus. So, now, right on campus there isn't much. There is a Real Chili branch and a Dogg Haus (an attempt, not completely unsuccessful, to recreate Chicago style hot dogs in MIlw.)

        Miss Katie's diner is on Cylbourn and 19th st. Pretty good food, but nothing spectacular, strictly American. If you can get down the hill to St. Paul st. Sobelman's has great burgers.

        Likewise, the area where the Ramada is in downtown is a bit barren. The best bets would be to head east to either Water st. (1st street over the river, 8 or so blocks) and then north. There's a number of bars and restaurants. You might check Eagen's. Or turn south and head to the 3rd ward area (board search will give you plenty of results)

        Further east you can head north on Milwaukee st. I'd recommend Zarletti, but you don't indicate that Italian is what you'd want. Also in the 3rd ward there's Coquette Cafe.
        Busses run up and down WIsconsin Ave., in other words anything you catch on WIsconsin ave will run between 12 st and milwaukee, pretty much anything.

        1. The Ambassador Hotel on Wisconsin Ave has a good restaurant called Envoy. Give it a try. They refurbished the hotel and is is something to see.
          Milwaukee Ave has a plethora of restaurants, so does Water Street . I'd walk around the Milwaukee Public Market and around that area.

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            On Water Street, check out Eagan's Lobster BLT with Lemon Caper Sauce.

          2. Sobelman's pub and grill is near the campus and has a great burger:

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              Sobelman's is pretty small and popular so it can get crowded. The burger is great, though, with a nice toasted bun (freshly baked). However don't get the signature burger if you don't like lots of stuff on your beef patty. It was delicious but the three kinds of cheese and bacon and jalapeno peppers definitely overpowers the taste of the beef. I'm fine with it, but I know others won't be.

            2. Sobelman's for sure. The only other place I can think of near Marquette is Coerper's 5 O'Clock Club which is the best steak house.... ever. You might be able to get buy on $20 but I'd wager it would be closer to 25-30. Worth every cent. I also second Coquette for french, its consistently very good.