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New here from NYC...need help with the following:

I am DYING without my Special Request Skim Plus Milk.....what is the best skim milk in this area!

Also.....All of the restaurants I have tried so far have been bad. Need suggestions for anything at any time. I moved to Addison from Manhattan. Thanks in advance! Any help is appreciated!

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  1. I'm a big fan of the Whole Foods 365 skim milk. It's not organic, but it is hormone free.

    Addison is home to many, many chain restaurants. I wish I could help there, but I live in East Dallas and I don't think I've eaten in Addison since I worked there over 10 years ago!

    1. I moved here from NYC not long ago too.

      For sushi, I'd recommend Teppo. The sushi is very good and their sake list is the best I've found in town. For Italian, Adelmo's is quite good. Coal Vines makes a good NY style pizza and their wine list and wine prices are very good. I've read a lot of great reviews about Bijoux but the one time I tried it, I was disappointed. They may have just had an off day since it was during restaurant week (even though we didn't order from the restaurant week menu) but I don't plan on returning anytime soon.

      1. I am also a displaced NY'er. Here are a few of the best NY food staples nearby:

        Pastazios Pizza‎ - more info »
        5026 Addison Cir, Addison, TX‎ - (972) 386-9200‎

        First Chinese BBQ‎ - more info »
        1927 E Belt Line Rd # 122, Carrollton, TX‎ - (972) 478-7228‎
        (Try Noodles w/ BBQ pork)

        Jewish Style Deli + Bagels:
        Deli News‎ - more info »
        17062 Preston Rd # 100, Dallas, TX‎ - (972) 733-3354‎

        Sushi-Sake Japanese Restaurant‎ - more info »
        2150 N Collins Blvd, Richardson, TX‎ - (972) 470-0722‎

        Kenny's Wood Fired Grill‎ - more info »
        5000 Belt Line Rd # 775, Dallas, TX‎ - (972) 392-9663‎

        Try the skim milk from here:
        Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Stores‎ - more info »
        3400 E Trinity Mills Rd, Carrollton, TX‎ - (972) 380-0110‎

        Let me know if you need anything else.

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        1. re: snatex

          OMG thanks so much....the more info the merrier.

          dalaimama....no kidding..I am in chain hell!

          1. re: lynny_lynny

            We are moving to Addison in a month, albeit from Dallas. Dont fret. Its not "chain hell." In fact, assuming ou live nar beltline and the tollway, there are many great places within 10 minutes and several within 2 minutes. You have everything from great pizza to wonderful Thai, to Awesome steaks, to delicious Italian, to quickie deserts within a few minutes. One spot to get a quick intro to places is here:


            and here:


            If youre willing to drive 10-15 minutes to either dallas or plano, you have food that rivals much of what's in NY. What have you tried that was bad, and what are you looking for?

            1. re: ssh

              ok lets see
              3 Mexican places that all sucked... El Fenix, Manny's Uptown and the worst I ever had, Berryhill Baja Grill...OMG Burnt Beans and disgusting fare
              2 Chinese.....gross May Dragon, August Moon
              1 New Orleans (where I am originally from) Shuch and Jive...should be renamed SUCK and Jive
              My birthday dinner take out...Chamberlain's Steaks.... (mediocre at best)
              Chow Thai ( was decent....we can't have it every night though)
              Ghengis Grill (yucko)
              Cheddars (mediocre)
              Houstons (again, it is ok....went there a lot from N.O. AND NYC...again so so)

              Italian...Pastazios remarkably unremarkable and Momo Pasta....soso but not good at all for the price Macaroni Grill....yucko
              Paradise bakery...yuck and HORRIBLE service
              The list goes on....half of which I can't even remember.
              Red Brick Oven.....high hopes only to get smashed...

              I am looking for GREAT Mexican, because I should be able to get it here for Chrissake lol GREAT BBQ...see above reasoning
              Sushi, Chinese, Best Thai, Indian, American, Italian, a decent Bagel, Pizza that doesn't suck ....Lets start there..lol
              Thanks again. I don't mean to be so sour, but when you keep shelling out money night after night only to get yet another bad meal, it gets frustrating!

              1. re: lynny_lynny

                Ok, for starters, and in or near Addison, there are 2 pretty good italian places:


                Mi Piaci

                Chinese: Yao Fuzi


                Pretty good mexican (not great but not bad


                Blue mesa


                Glorias (south american/mexican


                There are 2 indian places on beltline--neither traditional fare but both pretty tasty. Kampai, just off beltline, has good sushi, as does chaucers. Banana leaf, on preston and near frankford, is great thai.

                If youre looking for finer dining youll have to go a bit further. Id suggest Bijoux, French Room, Aurora, Fearings, Abacus, and the Mansion. All are within 10-15 minutes. Search this site for many reviews on each.

                  1. re: ssh

                    Blue Mesa is Southwestern, not Mexican. Still a decent place.

                    1. re: ssh

                      I too will vouch for Mi Piaci and Yao Fuzi.

                    2. re: lynny_lynny

                      Here are my two Mexican choices in the area:

                      Mi Cocina Restaurant - more info »
                      18352 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX‎ - (469) 533-0856‎

                      Manny's Uptown Texmex Restaurant‎ - more info »
                      14905 Midway Rd, Addison, TX‎ - (972) 490-1616‎

                      BBQ you are out of luck. Nothing good in the area. Surprisingly DFW does not have any truly great BBQ. There are some decent spots but they are not in that area.

                      I agree with Yao Fuzi for upscale Chinese. First Chinese BBQ for authentic casual.

                      Another Pizza option:

                      Angelo & Vitos Pizzeria‎ - more info »
                      4520 Frankford Rd, Dallas, TX‎ -
                      (972) 381-1001‎

                      1. re: snatex

                        How about Christina's in Addison? I havent been but heard its pretty good.

                      2. re: lynny_lynny

                        Mexican: El Fuego (Richardson), El Ranchito (Oak Cliff)
                        Chinese: First Chinese (local chain) Yao Fuzi (upscale fusion)
                        New Orleas: I've heard S&D Oyster Co is good, still waiting to try it myself. Pappadeux's is acceptable albeit unpopular here (and expensive)
                        Steaks: I've been to Bob's, it was pretty good
                        Thai: Thai-riffic or Jasmine (Plano)
                        Ghengis Grill and Cheddars: I don't know why you would go there to eat.
                        Italian: Nonna
                        Pizza: Grimaldi's (I haven't tried the rest)
                        Sushi: Masami or Teppo
                        BBQ: Nothing better than mediocre is available in Dallas at this time. Best option may be the smoked pork chop @ Kuby's.

                        1. re: luniz

                          Poor thing. Looks like lynny lynny will be driving all over the metroplex. Unfortunately, that is what happens here. One needs to drive 15 - 20 minutes in any direction out of Addison to get decent food. Wait i take that back I think Kenny's Wood Fire Grill is really good. They have great ribs there and that might help a BBQ craving among other things. I guess that is the only place worth going to in Addison IMO. I would also say Oceanaire but I believe that is considered North Dallas - but it is close.

                          To answer your skim milk question. I like Horizon Organic Skim. They have it at Tom Thumb. Surely they have a Tom Thumb in Addison. LOL!

                          1. re: pizzaQTpie

                            oh I forgot about milk. As far as organic goes, I look for one that's pasteurized rather than ultra pasteurized. I believe Shamrock is the name of what i have found currently.

                            1. re: luniz

                              Thanks so much!
                              As for milk, I never said organic, or ultra pasteurized....just something good that doesn't taste like butt...lol
                              Thanks for the Braum's recommendation. I got some and it isn't nearly as bad as ones I have tried so far. YAY
                              I will also try Horizon.

                              Thanks also for the Kenny's recommendation. That is pretty close.
                              THEY HAVE GRIMALDI'S HERE?
                              I wonder if it is a knock off. That is one of my favorite places in Hoboken and I love Patsy's too Keep em coming!!!!

                              1. re: lynny_lynny

                                Article re: Grimaldi's:

                                There's also another newer location, at Watters Creek in Allen (Plano really). I thought it was pretty good albeit a bit sweet.

                                1. re: luniz

                                  Thanks luniz!!! We ordered it tonight! YUM! Though there idea of extra cheese (at this one) is lacking, and there is a slight bit more of a sweetness to the sauce, it was still a HUGE win!I am also psyched to see that there is a Craft and Nobu here. (is there hope?) lol

                                  I will try Kenny's this weekend.

                                  1. re: lynny_lynny

                                    I'm typically not a fan of national chains and especially expensive "name" places, but by all accounts the food at Craft is well executed and the service is good. I can't say I've heard the same at Nobu, I'd recommend instead that you try Tei Tei or Teppo (I haven't been and haven't heard any recent reports), or my favorite Masami, or even Tei An if you're willing to branch out from sushi a little bit.

                                2. re: lynny_lynny

                                  Grimaldi's is great. Pizza almost identical to Brooklyn's. Atmosphere is great.

                            2. re: luniz

                              As far as Addison is concerned....I like Queen of Sheeba for Ethiopian.....some like Addis Ababa (Abeba) in Richardson better. I really like La Spiga for bread made fresh in house with the baker runnign the register....can get a bit crowded during lunch. I believe after a certain hour the bread goes half price. That sums up Addison for me!


                              Nix the Thai-riffic off your list.....last time I went it was worse than the version at Pei Wei. Just a suggestion but you might go for a return visit...I was not impressed.

                              Outside of Addison
                              I would throw Little Sichuan in the mix in Plano (might spend a bit in gas) food is affordable though. Also Sichuanese Cuisine (Plano)...a bit spicier and better for the winter. Ask about the items written in Mandarin in both places you will fare better with those options...same principal at First Chinese (I prefer the one in Carrollton the best). Mr Shabu Shabu (Plano) is great for the winter also if you are familiar with Shabu Shabu....some claim it is chinese...some Japanese....I say it is a mixture in the May Hua Chinese Market anchored center (across from Sichuanese Cuisine). Kirin Court (Richardson) is also a great place and probably has the best dim sum.

                              Nam Hua in Richardson is worth the trip for at least the Vietnamese market next door. Some of the best Vietnamese dishes besides pho, bun cha, bun bo hue and banh mi. Banh Cuon inside the market place still warrants a try.

                              Woul agree with El Fuego and El Ranchito. I also like El Paisanita for the al pastor tacos (Love Field area). For a great side of refried beans go to Tipicos on NW Hwy close to Love Field.

                              BBQ I make my own...haven't had any better...Smitty's in Lockhart comes close.

                              Thai....Jasmine is the place to go....the original one on Spring Creek and Alma

                              Sushi...Masami, Teppo or Yutaka

                              Pizza....most like Olivellas (Snider Plaza), Campania (West Village), or Cavalli's (Irving).....I thought Grimaldi's had a very sweet sauce

                              I won't recommend any NO places because what we have doesn't seem to satisfy....perhaps Aligator Cafe (East Dallas) is closest or Big Easy (Plano)

                              Milk I would try out Lucky Layla....might ask about the milk

                              Also try out LocalHarvest.org

                              I searched your zip code - 75001

                              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                                Al pastor tacos at La Paisanita (Maple/Lucas) are the best around. Their red and green salsas are very good as well. I dont see what the big buzz is on Fuel City. Fuel City is not even in the same ballpark. I believe they dont even make their own salsa.

                                1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                                  Lucky Layla is one of the best reasons to live in Dallas. I think they were in Saveur or Food and Wine for their yogurt based drinks. I don't know if they still do passionfruit and guava, but those used to be my favorites.

                                  Also, I don't know about NY, but state law requires that all sushi grade fish be flash frozen. This is what I was told by Rex's Seafood and TJ's (two great resources for fresh fish). Thus, this somewhat comprises the taste of the sushi here. I have eaten the specials on the board at Tei Tei and they did not taste frozen to me. I had super blue fin toro and Hokkaido uni. The stuff not on the board that were not specials definitely tasted flash frozen. They were super expensive! I believe ownership has changed for Tei Tei since I was there. Not sure.

                        2. re: snatex

                          As an ex-New Yorker, I would go with "snatex's" list. Those are my favorites as well!
                          Especially, First Chinese BBQ, Deli-News and Sushi Sake. They're all the best of their type in Dallas!

                        3. I live in Addison too...you said you wanted to try some decent Mexican? Cyclone Anaya's opened at montfort/beltline....we've been 4 times, haven't been disappointed yet.

                          Sushi? Try Kempai Sushi in Addison Circle...not a chain, fresh fish..mondays they do 1/2 price sushi night...great deal. it's located in the circle by the big blue thing.

                          houlihan's is decent for late night appetizers...they have great mini burgers and drink specials...the patio is ALWAYS busy...great place to go alone and sit at the bar...everyone there is really nice. It's at montfort/beltline

                          Gecko in the shopping center near La Madeline at montfort/beltline is great too..they have a grouper sandwhich that's really tasty and you can't beat their waffle fries.

                          vernon's Grill (in the same shopping center) has GREAT sliders and homemade BBQ chips.

                          Mercy Wine Bar is in the area as well..they have some great dishes and it's a perfect place to go grab dessert and a glass of wine.

                          just a few suggestions. :)

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                          1. re: FoodieDiva

                            Monday night @ Houlihan's: dollar sliders!

                            Speaking of burgers, Jake's is a good place to go as well. It's near Studio Movie Grill on Belt Line.

                            For bagels, go to Deli News on Campbell and Preston.

                            Milk and Honey may have them too, it's on Coit in between Belt Line and Arapaho.

                            Also highly recommending Taqueria El Fuego, it's worth the drive to Richardson. I miss living near UTD, back then I could go there very often.

                            Lastly... here's the scoop on some great sushi near Addison.
                            Mori-san used to operate Sushi Place inside the May Hua supermarket in Plano and now he's giving a new restaurant a shot. His new restaurant is called called Sushi Robata and it's located on Frankford and Dallas Parkway in the same strip as Kroger and Bank of America. The atmosphere is much more refined and upscale compared to Sushi Place's location inside the food court. Despite the trendy flair, the food continues to be extremely authentic, the service is still just as prompt and the fish is very fresh. On top of all that, eating there won't cost an arm and a leg.

                          2. Bene Bene for very good, but not cheap, Italian.
                            Selim's Doner for Turkish, well, Doners and unusual Schnitzel (sorry if I mis-spelled it).
                            Benedicts for eggs benedict.
                            Cindi's NY Deli has good days and an occasional bad day.
                            Norma's Cafe for classic diner breakfasts (go down beltline road east from Addison just a bit).
                            Queen of Sheba Ethopian, on Inwood, tucked deep inside a strip mall near all those liquor stores. Stick with ethnic foods and skip the italian offerings (they used to be an Italian colony if no one knows).
                            For Milk, go up to Central Market in Plano and try every brand until you find the one you like: Braum's is no different than grocery store milk. Whole Foods for a second source of good milk.
                            Happy dining.

                            1. Further to my suggestion for First Chinese BBQ. Go to the original location in Richardson at Polk and Greenville. N/E corner. Much better than the Carrollton location. Bring cash. No credit cards accepted. Well worth it, though. Food like the Cantonese places on Mott Street in NYC's Chinatown. But, no egg rolls. and no dessert! Won Ton soup to die for.

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                              1. re: twinwillow

                                I agree the Richardson location is nicer but a bit further from you. The Plano location is nicer too. You may want to see which of those two are closer to you.

                                1. re: snatex

                                  I so appreciate all of the information you guys have shared. It is traumatizing enough to move across the country, renovate and live in a "construction zone" AND have a new baby (10 weeks now) so to have some semblance of normalcy, like good restaurants, really helps the situation.

                                  1. re: lynny_lynny

                                    Has anyone said, "welcome to Dallas"? If not, Welcome to Dallas.

                              2. Sorry you were banished to Texas. Campania for pizza (they use mozzerella di buffala),Sushi on McKinney, Stephan Pyles (for something "fancy"), Javier's (Mexican). No good BBQ in Dallas but you can try Jasper's in Plano. No good Italian in Dallas or the surrounding areas. It's best to make your own.

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                                1. re: stricken

                                  Whoa! There is good Italian here. Although just a handful but noteworthy...Arcodoro/Pomodoro (Sardinian), Taverna (risotto), Daniel (northern, i think), Olivella's and Campania (Italian Style Pizza), Cibus (casual, plus paninni's), Nonna (upscale cali-italian - at least that is what i call it), Penne Pomodoro (cheap 'red sauce'/basic Italian). That's just off the top of my head.

                                  Also, on a side note..Sushi on Mckinney has been closed since August. Javier's is not worth it - bad idea to send a NY-er there.

                                  1. re: pizzaQTpie

                                    Note...Campania's was just named the BEST Independent Pizza Restaurant by the national trade publication "Pizza Today." This is quite an honor as this magazine considers all pizza restaurants across the United States. There are two locations in the Dallas metroplex.

                                    Here's another neat place to eat lunch on Saturday...the Bavarian Grill. Good German fare with attractive pricing and lighter portions during the midday offering.

                                    For chain options...Texas Land and Cattle serves good red meat and sweet potatoes at "casual" prices.

                                    1. re: Richard Sheff

                                      Good reply but I'd suggest Henk's Black Forest Deli over Bavarian Grill for a weekend lunch/brunch. Drive time from Addison is about the same and the food's much better.

                                2. I am from the east caost (DC). Here are some of my pics for not too far away (but I will agree you MUST try El Ranchito in th OC).

                                  Mexican-El Norte on the corner of Custer and Parker in Plano (best mexican around)
                                  Chinese- Little Scechuan in Plano off Legacy
                                  Pizza- I really like Pastazios in Addisson
                                  Seafood-Try Nates of Beltline and Midway in Addisson or Ocean Seafood off Spring Creek and Coit in Plano
                                  Babes (I've heard) for Texas southern fare. I think the Carrollton location is the closest to you. babeschicken.com
                                  Thai- No doubt, Banana Leaf off Preston Road
                                  Indian- India Palace is delicious and is located off LBJ and Preston Rd.
                                  German/Austrian- Jorgs Cafe Vienna in dowtown Plano- so authentic!
                                  I agree on the Italian-have not found a great one.

                                  1. The cheese fries at Snuffers are one of my favorite guilty pleasures in all of DFW.


                                    I've had a lot more good experiences than bad at Nates, although the board is sometimes spilt on Nates.

                                    It's been some years since I've been, but Addison Cafe has consistently provided me with good French food.

                                    Flying Saucer has a great selection of micro brews.

                                    1. WOW! I wouldn't be so quick to believe that there are no good Italian places in the whole of the Metro! That's a pretty broad stoke.

                                      Without a babysitter on hand, it'd be a stretch, but I'd highly recommend Nonna Tata in Ft Worth - yes, a drive, but enjoyable and more than worth the hand made pastas and other worthy offerings....... like desserts! (Not to be confused with Dallas' Nonna.)

                                      Dallas Morning News: Best in DFW - 10.22.08


                                      At this link, you can also find a link to the remainder of the "Best of" Italian

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                                      1. re: CocoaNut

                                        Thanks for the links!
                                        I will give that Nonna Tata a try for date night.

                                        Trying snuffer's tonight. Need comfort food....we'll see how good/bad it is lol

                                        I will also try Banana Leaf, since I ordered from Chow Thai about 3 times already and it was edible at least.

                                        I love the Italian debate...
                                        I am excited to try Campania....I miss good buffalo mozz on pizza!!! yay

                                        1. re: lynny_lynny

                                          By all means, do try Campania. It's excellent Naples style pizza. Grimaldi's (from NYC) is just around the corner from it so, try theirs too.
                                          But, don't lose site of Olivella's on Mcfarlin just off Hillcrest. Really good NYC style pizza. Possibly, the best in Dallas.
                                          I like Cafe Amore on Coit Rd. in Richardson for NY neighborhood style Italian. And, they're BYOB! Btw, Cafe Amore is packed on weekend nights.

                                          1. re: twinwillow

                                            Love BYOB....Tried Grimaldi's here. Like it a lot. (miss Lombardi's on Spring in NYC) lol

                                            1. re: lynny_lynny

                                              Oh Tried Blue Mesa on your recommendation, and I liked it. The flavors of their salsas, the seafood and the tequilas were all pretty good.

                                              1. re: lynny_lynny

                                                Lombardi's is a few blocks from my brother's. I went to Grimaldi's the first week they were open here. The manager asked me how I liked it and I said, "it's no Lombardi's." I have always thought Lombardi's was slightly better. But Grimaldi NY has a slightly higher Zagat rating.

                                        2. Try Promised Land. I really love that brand. They sell it at Central Market and Whole Foods. Their seasonal flavors are really good. I don't buy anything else. My brother lives in NYC and we used to walk to Chinatown and the Lower East Side for food. Here's my two cents:

                                          1) We just don't have the Chinese population to compete with NYC when it comes to food. I believe most of the noodles come from Houston and thus, at least are a day old by the time they get here. We don't have a great variety in the type of Chinese cuisines like NYC and most of the restaurants are owned by Vietnamese-Chinese. You can definitely tell the flavors are different. If you just have a huge craving, First Chinese will settle the craving, but it's just okay. Dim sum is pretty bleak here. The wrappers are not tender and variety is just so-so. I grew up on Chinese food on the West Coast and my grandfather was a chef for a Chinese restaurant. So, when it comes to Chinese I am pretty picky. I thought New San D'or was pretty good, but it has since closed.

                                          2) Italian- not as good as NYC, but that would be asking for a lot. Il Mulino and Bice were out here, but they struggled to find a following. Love Roberto's in the Bronx, but can't think of anything remotely like Roberto's. Good news is that the Grimaldi's pie tastes the same as in NY. They ship in the water. One place that I do love is Jimmy's Market on Fitzhugh. They are the only place in the Metroplex to get my favorite vanilla ice cream, Henry's. They do great sandwiches and make really good meatballs and sausage.

                                          3) Mexican- I think we have NYC beat here, but a lot of it is Tex Mex. I still love Mia's brisket taco's, but that's all I ever order there. Mi Cocina is fun, but you are paying for the atmosphere and good mojitos. El Ranchito is great and Vera Cruz (I haven't been in a while) is pretty good. Jefferson has a ton of great El Salvadorian and Mexican restaurants.

                                          4) South American/Latin- Dallas does not have diversity of South American/Latin cuisine(my favorite). NYC has fantastic Puerto Rican and Dominican.. We do have La Duni Cafe which does a great brunch and fantastic dinner. I am not a fan of their famous cuatro leches cake...too sweet. However, their champagne chicken with black beans and rice is great. You'll pay $10 more than you would on the Lower East side, but what's a transplanted New Yorker to do? Zaguan also has some pretty good lunch and dinner specials, but I never really "crave" their food. They have really good guava and cheese turnovers.

                                          5) Middle Eastern- it's as good as anywhere except mayber Deerfied, Michigan. I used to live next to a city with one of the largest Lebanese populations and Richardson has some pretty good places. My husband and I love Afrah. It may be my favorite place in DFW. Cheap, big portions, and really good. Chicken tawook is so darn juicy. Also, if you like baklava, I think Afrah does a pretty good job.

                                          6) Vietnamese and Korean- it's also pretty good. IMO, NYC did not have as good Vietnamese as parts of SoCal, so I actually think Dallas is pretty strong here. We have a large Vietnamese population. I like La Me for snacks. Great tapioca pudding, buon cuon, and spring rolls. I'm not a pho eater (my family went out for it all the time growing up). I actually really like Zander House in Richardson(?) off the 75. It's upscale Vietnamese food and the family owned a restaurant in Tribeca. They make their own rice crepe for the buon cuon. You can tell with the first bite. Most places even in SoCal don't make this from scratch. (They said they couldn't get the fresh rice noodle like I mentioned in the Chinese section). There are pretty decent Korean restaurants, but I never ate Korean in NYC. I can tell you that the Korean restaurants here a good, but not as good as Korea town in SoCal (Orange County and Los Angeles, where I saw the hugest KFC ever).

                                          7) Barbeque- you are better off learning from someone and smoking your own. I have not had fantastic barbeque in DFW. My husband grew up in Texas and we smoke our own. In a pinch, I like the original Sonny Bryans on Inwood across from Southwestern. It's better than anything my brother has had in NYC.

                                          8) Cajun/Creole- I like Alligator Cafe in East Dallas. It's more Baton Rouge style than New Orleans which I prefer. The owner, Ivan Pugh was feeding Hurricane Katrina victims who relocated to Dallas. For a month, if they could provide a Louisiana drivers license, they ate free. They have music and you order your food at the counter. Homemade root beer and cream soda. Cheap and good. I don't care for Fodi's(?) on Greenville.

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                                          1. re: jindomommy

                                            Re: Promised Land milk, their 2 per cent is good, but I was very disappointed with the taste of their skim milk. Some one mentioned the 365 milk at Whole Foods; that's all right, and I think it's the same as the Central Market Organics or the O Organics Fat Free that I usually get at Randall's (so I assume they'd have it at Tom Thumb). If you're going to drink skim milk, it helps if you can find something that doesn't just taste like stagnant water that the cow stuck its nose into.

                                            1. re: jindomommy

                                              fwiw I think you mean Dearborn, Michigan, and Dodie's (Cajun) on Greenville.

                                              1. re: luniz

                                                Oh yeah...I think Deerfield is the tractor (why am I thinking about tractors?) and it is Dodie's. Thanks.

                                              2. re: jindomommy

                                                Thanks so much. This was very helpful!

                                              3. Can't help with restaurant recs, as I'm in Austin, but I can with the milk. Check to see if your local HEB or Whole Foods stocks Promise Land Dairy. Their skim milk is the absolute best I've found in the state, outside of small farm offerings.

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                                                1. re: Kaya_n_Austin

                                                  Excellent. I am psyched to try it. I heard so much about it. Thanks a bunch!

                                                2. Hi Lynny Lynny,

                                                  Also a former NY'er here... Live in Irving, visit / eat Addison regularly. Let me suggest also that you give Mr. Sushi a try on Beltline @ Inwood. Also a little north of you Awaji in Plano off of Preston at Park (I think?).

                                                  Chinese: First Chinese BBQ has good BBQ and specialty meats (Peking Duck, Soy Chix) like you would see in the windows on Canal St.

                                                  I don't really think there is great NYC-like Italian around. There are however many Italian smaller restaurants, and Ferrari's Italian on Midway Road south of Beltline is good.

                                                  Seafood - nice choice is a place called Lefty's, off Beltline on north side, hidden away in a shopping center. I used to also like Jaxx Cafe, but can't say how the food is today (been a while since I was there).

                                                  When I moved here, I read D Magazine; and weekly Guidelive.com, as well as Tx. Monthly to get ideas on restaurants. Ask your neighbors, colleagues, etc.

                                                  Enjoy Dallas/Addison. Most of the transplanted North easterner's would never go back, this is a great town to live in (D/FW Metro area).

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                                                  1. re: gdlemaire

                                                    Thanks so much.
                                                    I am hoping we love it here too. I am still jonesing for NY, but maybe I just need more time.

                                                  2. Lynny Lynny: New baby? Great news, Congrats! Welcome to child, baby, family friendly Dallas - D/FW. Your family will like it here. No matter what is said here... NY'ers know great Italian... not really here, sorry. Just made my own Eggplant Parma and Lasagna and freeze portions... OTOH, there are many good restaurants.... Good luck!

                                                    Good NY Style Pizza and pasta:

                                                    Sal's Pizza & Restaurant
                                                    2525 Wycliff Ave # 116
                                                    Dallas, TX 75219
                                                    (214) 522-1828
                                                    Get directions
                                                    Rated 3.8 out of 5.0
                                                    13 reviews, menu, and more »
                                                    Open Mon-Thu 10am-11pm; Fri-Sat 10:30am-12am; Sun 11am-11pm

                                                    Next door is my favorite "Asian and Fresh Sushi" place
                                                    2525 Wycliff Ave
                                                    Dallas, TX 75219
                                                    (214) 599-9448
                                                    Get directions
                                                    Rated 4.1 out of 5.0
                                                    35 reviews and more »
                                                    "always fresh, looks like a local neighborhood place, great rolls and always..."

                                                    3 Replies
                                                    1. re: gdlemaire

                                                      Thanks so much She just turned 8 months. We have been so busy renovating and traveling, we have not met anyone here yet. It will come, I assume.

                                                      1. re: gdlemaire

                                                        Have ya'll gone to Al's for pizza? At northwest hwy and lemmon? I only get my pizza there now, and reviews have said it is 'new york style'. However, seeing as I'm not that familiar with what makes a pizza a new york pizza, you new yorkers will have to go try it for yourself. Its at the north west corner of the intersection - its a dive, but I think its worth it.

                                                        1. re: toasterqueen

                                                          It is far from NY style but a decent pie none the less. The same people now own many of the Points of Dallas. Try Northwest Point on a Saturday afternoon for a free lunch. Nice homey stuff.

                                                      2. wonder if you've found your fav milk yet.. if not.. i am glad you are picky about your dairy as i was when i first relocated to the area.. after extensive research.. i tried local dairy schepps- blue label, was ok, better than the others,, even braum, then i discovered promise land.. it is the best in the area.. lucky layla has awesome drinkable yogurt.. old town creamery i think is the name (sprincreek and coit, next to starbucks) has the best freshly made waffle cones..

                                                        3 Replies
                                                        1. re: lizlemon

                                                          Promise Land it is.....I will be a loyal customer as long as I am here!

                                                          1. re: lynny_lynny

                                                            Yeah PromiseLand, and served in the cute glass bottles...

                                                            1. re: lynny_lynny

                                                              Yeah! Peach and strawberry are about to come out as the summer flavors....really good. Chocolate is amazing. During winters, I just heat it in my hot cocoa frothing pot and serve. However, how does Promised Land compare to the skim milk you loved back in NY? BTW- hope you like it here. I'm a transplanted West Coaster. Here are the foods I love in Dallas: Lucky Layla yogurt drinks, butter tortillas at Central Market or uncooked tortillas at Whole Foods, Empire Bakery chicken salad sandwiches (I have never had a bad chicken salad in DFW...I swear), Jimmy's meatballs and sausage. Welcome to the Big D!