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Nov 9, 2008 06:52 PM

Wedding venues with tasty catered food?

Hello Hounds! My lady and I recently got engaged and we were going to begin looking at wedding venues in the DFW area. We have a moderate budget and we wanted to know if any of you hounds have been part of or attended a really nice wedding venue with tasty catered food provided on site. At this time there is no preference on the kind of venue. Our wedding is set for October of 2009. I would really appreciate all your feedback. Thanks in advance!!

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  1. An outdoor wedding can always be "if-y" due to weather, but this year, Oct was certainly beautiful. As to a "moderate" budget, that means different things to different people and I'm always astounded at the total cost of the simplest of weddings.

    So, with regard to that, I would bring the Dallas Arboretum to your attention. Thet offer 3 differently priced venues. While I haven't attended a wedding there, a year ago I was at a catered luncheon located at the Camp House. At the lake's edge, the view was truly spectacular. I believe you have to use caterers provided by the Arboretum, but the buffet was spectacular. At this point, I don't remember specifics, but the fare was a multitude of small plate apps - both hot and cold and additionally included fruits, salads and desserts.

    While walking around the grounds, there were a number of bridal photo sessions occurring. The arboretum is a known, established and experienced haven for weddings.

    Click the "wedding rentals" buttons for options and pricing.

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        While the arboretum is certainly beautiful, it's not exactly easy on the budget, just something to keep in mind.

        We might be able to help you more if you have specific price range in mind. How much per head? How many people attending the wedding (this makes a big difference in choosing a venue).?

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          Our budget is between 35 - 50,000... Would that be considered moderate? We are thinking about 250 - 300 people attending. Thanks guys!!

      2. I suggest The Filter Building on White Rock Lake. It's only been open for a couple of months, but it has a better view of the lake than the Arboretum, it's less expensive, it's easier for most folks to get to, and (because they're new) they will work with just about any caterer you pick. The only problem is the number of guests you say you will have -- I think the Filter Building holds only about 200 -- but you can set up tents on the terrace if you need more space.

        Another good spot is Texas Discovery Gardens. People sometimes are put off by the fact that it's at Fair Park, buit it is a lovely spot with great facilities. And, again, a better value than the Arboretum. Bigger capacity than Filter Building.

        1. Just a word of caution: Your wedding day is **probably not** the best day to place all trust in the unknowns of an inexperienced low bidder. While you should definitely consider various sites and price ranges, the ultimate decision for all providers should be with someone who has a credible history of successfully providing the service you are seeking (chapel/venue, caterer, baker, photg (biggie), etc).

          Keep in mind that you can always have the ceremony and reception at different locs. So many restaurants are now in the catering game, you and your fiance's favorite restaurant may be able to provide the catering.

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            Check out Marie Gabrielle in the Centex building (in between the American Airlines Center and The Crescent). It is a hidden gem and I don't think they advertise too much. During the day it serves a lunch place for the office buildings, at night it's transformed into a posh setting. Also has pretty gardens outside where you can do a ceremony.
            Food was obviously high on our list when choosing a venue for our wedding. This ended up being a no brainer for us. Extra bonus is that you don't have to bring in an outside caterer. Website below....

          2. I think the most beautiful place in Dallas to have a wedding is at Delaney Vinyards in Grapevine. It can hold 350 guest and they have a list of great caterers. I have been to many weddings at this venue an it is so personal and so beautiful. Oct. is also a magical time of year at the vinyard I would highly reccommend it.

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              I'm going to start checking some of these places out! I will give you guys some feedback...

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