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Nov 9, 2008 06:17 PM

Good food for casual weeknight dinner?

A co-worker and I are looking to have dinner out in DC mid-week.
We are looking to get "inspired" by someplace new, or perhaps a place we have not heard of.
Good food is a must- atmosphere is a strong bonus. Casual. Mid-range price scale. We eat pretty much anything, and are both really into delicious food. Together, We have been to Tabard Inn, Brasserie Beck, Blue Duck Tavern and Creme. We liked Tabard, BDT and Brasserie Beck a little, and Creme a lot. Any old favorites are welcome, too! Any suggestions?

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    1. Regent Thai, Mandu, Marvin, Ardeo, Rasika.

      1. Marvin, up at 14th and U, would be a good addition to your gourmet list. They are a combination of Southern and Belgian food and I can recommend the rib appetizer, the chicken and waffles, and various treatments of moules and frites. The only rub is that parking is somewhat difficult but it is a block from the U Street Metro on the Green Line.

        1. Nando's Peri Peri is very casual, but the atmosphere is fun and the chicken is very good.

          1. How about Cashion's, Bistro D'Oc, Ardeo, or Palena Cafe.

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              Palena's a good choice, but for a nice mid-week meal, I believe Dino in CP has some good specials, and probably even good wine specials - which would make for a good deal during the week. They also have some good desserts right now.

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                All great suggestions. Thank you, Chowhounders! We are going to go with "MARVIN."

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                  Good call on Dino. My last dinner there was excellent...seems like the kitchen has been improving quite a bit.