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Nov 9, 2008 06:04 PM

Help finding a recipe/photo blog

I think I read about at Chowhound . It's a recipe blog where they also discuss how they came about choosing the "final picture" of the item. Usually has an additonal link showing 10 or so shots and talks a little about photo lighting etc.

Anyone have a link.



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  1. I found it, for folks just beginning with food photography she has a link that shows all her pictures of the subject recipe and how she picks the final pic. I have no association with this blog, drives me crazy when I forget to bookmark something and can't find it later...

    See brocolli with beef

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      Nice find Thanks! I just read/looked at her Fig/honey recipe and it was great! I'll really enjoy this!

      1. re: rcspott

        Great site to visit. Thanks for finding it Rich

      2. I read this blog all the time - love her recipes! Jaden is awesome!