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Nov 9, 2008 05:34 PM

shun classic vs. stainless?

Hi- though my other (good) knives are wusthofs I've decided to register for a shun santoku knife as one of my splurge items. since it's a splurge I thought i'd go flashy with the stainless but i'm wondering if there's any reason why they aren't so popular? shoud I stick with the classic? is this just asthetic?

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  1. I have a shun stainless santoku and its fine. Once you start using it you'll forget what kind of material the handle is made of. Keep in mind, the handle is sort of d-shaped for a better grip, and that if you're left handed, this could be a problem. Otherwise, there's not much difference.

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      You can order left handed versions of the Shun Classic. It IS stainless, according to the packaging. I just purchased one.

    2. Oddly enough, I preferred Wusthof's granton santoku over Shun's santoku, but like Shun's paring knife better.

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        Not odd at all, as a knife choice is personal. If you like Wusthof, you will probably like the high end Henkel's too. Great German knives, all. The Japanese knives feel different in your hands.

      2. There isn't really any difference between the two lines, save for the handle material. Both are well balanced and both have the same shaped handle. The only thing is, as you stated, the handle is not the same! I think it's simple aesthetics that makes the paka-wood more popular.

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          well. the final question is...which one feels right in YOUR hands ? Knives are very subjective.
          personally, I like the paka over the stainless handles