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Nov 9, 2008 04:50 PM

Meat prices

I know that I posted this under the thread "raw cicken prices" but I feel that this deserves a thread of its own considering the high price of kosher meat these days and higher prices coming down the pike.

Pic-N-Pay is havind some excellent prices this week. Lots of goodies:

Chickens, Whole 1/4 & 1/8 $1.89/lb
Chicken breasts w/wings $1.99/lb
Frozen chicken cutlets $2.99/lb
>>>>> Glatt Rib Steaks $6.99/lb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>>>> Flanken $4.99/lb !!!!!!!!!!

For Monday & Tuesday only
>>>>> Glatt 1st cut Beef Brisket $4.99/lb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots more in ad. Chopped meat, veal etc.

I just went to Supersol to but their chicken cutlets family pack for $2.99/lb. I noticed that they are charging $12.99/lb for rib steak contrast this with the $6.99 that Pic-N-Pay is charging. I forgot to see what they are charging for the Brisket, but I am sure that it no where near the $4.99 that Pick-N-Pay is charging.

Feel free to post some of the good deals that you see locally, you will be doing a favor to other Chowhounders!

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  1. Brisket $4.99/lb?? How could that be?!

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    1. re: cheesecake17

      I know, crazy price, but I am looking at the ad now. So unless it is a typo, thats what the ad says. I plan on going on Tuesday since I have a wedding in Boro Park so I will leave earlier to stop by. I hope there is some left over by then. If you or anyone stops by let us know if it is for real.

      Some other specials they have are:
      Ground Chuck $2.39/lb
      2nd cut Veal Chops $5.99/lb
      1st cut Veal Chops $8.99/lb
      Breast of Veal $3.99/lb
      Veal Stew $4.99/lb
      Silver Tip Roast Beef $6.99/lb
      Minute Steak $5.99/lb
      Skirt Steak $6.99/lb

      A bunch of these items I never bought so I don't know how good a deal they are, but this is most of the other ad items.

      1. re: MartyB


        I know that in LA, I cannot get meat wholesale for these types of prices. I have seen veal breast as a Pesach special for $4.99/lb at Western Kosher, but that was really a loss leader. Your prices for minute steak and skirt steak are lower than the lowest retail prices I've seen in recent years by at least $3.00/lb. Brisket, wholesale, I can get Uruguay meat or very well trimmed whole midwest packer-cut for prices such as you're describing. Of course, if you're talking USDA graded meat, it's a whole different ball game. My USDA Choice Black Angus boneless rib roasts cost me $10.99/lb wholesale. PRemium meat doesn't come cheap.

        1. re: ganeden

          Where do you buy wholesale kosher meat in Los Angeles at good prices?

          1. re: paprkutr

            Dov Osina at California Delight has the best prices around, though often doesn't have stock of what I need. His is ungraded midwest beef. For Uruguay beef, why would you want that tough stuff? Maybe ok for stews, but that's about it. I'm sre you can get it even cheaper than Dov's but I don't know who I would go to.

      2. re: cheesecake17

        I'm happy when I see brisket at $9.99/lb. This seems impossibly low.

        1. re: cheesecake17

          I feel so totally out of it. I see the conversations and the pricing you all are talking about but if i had a clue as to even what state these stores are located in it would help.

            1. re: MartyB

              Thank you. Evidently the meat prices in New York are reasonable. In the midwest and in the south Florida area they are totally out of control.

        2. This is going to be such a naive question.....but is the meat good? I'm buying most of my meat and chicken for much more at Best Glatt in Teaneck (where I live).

          It is almost seems worth it to do a run into Brooklyn to stock up on meat

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          1. re: vallevin

            I'e had cutlets and rib steaks from them without any problems. I especially enjoyed their thick cut rib steaks. I hope that their $6.99 price includes them as well. I don't see any reason why not. Last time I went there they were charging $7.99/lb and it didn't matter how it was cut, price was for rib roast, rib steak and the thick cut ones. I am not a big meat eater except for rib steaks.

          2. how can this possibly be??? arent we supposed to be going through a MAJOR meat shortage right now?

            i dont want to make assumptions but this sounds a little shady to me!!!!

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            1. re: kiddush hopper

              you'd think the lines would be out the door . why is that most people in the area don't shop there despite the low low prices?

              1. re: berel

                Well, let's see...

                Prices half of what other glatt butchers charge + a hechsher(?) that most frum people in Brooklyn don't rely on = ???

                How do YOU think they sell kosher meat so low?

                1. re: hanistor

                  I don't live in Brooklyn (but grew up there) so I have no idea what information they are privi to, but if it says Glatt, then it is fine by me.


                  1. re: MartyB

                    the fruit store on central Ave. says "Glatt", so?

                    Glatt Fruit?

                    1. re: berel

                      I would assume that if they would have a fresh meat section that wasn't "Glatt" then the 5 towns community would come down on them big time!

                      Just see what would happen if Smitty's Superette in Woodmere would change their name to Smitty's Glatt Superette.

                      1. re: MartyB

                        I agree , the 5 towns basically has one kashruth organization, so I agree the 5 towns community/vaad would come down on them (Smitty's) or anyone else

                        Brooklyn unfortunately doesn't have that..

                        1. re: berel

                          Agreed, so we now come to the crux of the matter, here we have a store that has been around for 38 years, advertises themselves as Glatt Kosher and has spectacular prices that could help lots of people save some real money. I have yet to hear from anyone just what is wrong with their hashgacha. If there is a problem, them please SOMEONE speak up.

                          From my perspective this is what I see.(from their web site)
                          In 1969 Herbert and Marilyn Friedberg opened the doors of Pic-N-Pay, one of the first kosher butchers in the neighborhood. Their vision was to furnish the community with quality glatt kosher meat at reasonable prices, providing their products to as many Jewish families as they could.

                          For years Herb, Marilyn, and their son Bruce, worked together and watched their store become a staple of the Midwood area. Today Bruce has taken the reigns, and Marilyn and Herbert have retired, knowing that their dream would live on.

                          Meanwhile over the past 38 years, Pic-N-Pay has changed and evolved along with their community.

                          Recognizing a demand in the cooked foods market Herbert and Marilyn brought in their two children, Helaine and Bruce, graduates of the Culinary Institute of America, to create a cooked foods section.

                          Relaxing the needs of the kosher consumer Pic-N-Pay’s cooked foods section along with frozen foods, gourmet condiments, and more, make it a one-stop shopping center for its customers.

                          Today Pic-N-Pay continues to provide the community with quality glatt kosher meats at reasonable prices.
                          Shomer Shabbos Rabbi opens and closes the store, checks in all deliveries, and insures that all products are Kosher and all Kashrus laws are upheld to the highest standards.

                          Our Rabbinical Supervision
                          We are under the supervision of Rabbi Michael Gavrielov and Rabbi Levi Gavrielov, trained CHABAD LUBAVITCH. All our meats are treibered and soaked and salted on premises. We have four butchers on hand to custom cut meats.

                    2. re: MartyB

                      For some reason this site does not seem to work, anyone have the correct linl?

                  2. re: berel

                    I hope that there are no lines - more for me :) Why they don't shop there is their problem. I have had no problems with them so far. In fact the last time that I had a bbq, everyone just loved the rib steaks. I am sure that most of it was due to my son-in-law's grilling skills. I tend to grill too long.

                  3. re: kiddush hopper

                    I can't quite figure it out too. Supersol, for example, is now selling chicken cutlets, family pack for $2.99/lb, limit 3. I picked up three yesterday and plan on buying more depending on how much room I can free up in my chest freezer and depending on how much meat (rib steaks, and brisket) I buy this Tuesday from Pic-N-Pay.

                    1. re: MartyB

                      what is the correct url for the picnpay website, and can we see the circular online any place? thanks

                  4. PARKING: Can anyone tell me is there parking there? I'll go on Sunday with a cooler and some ice and load up to freeze!!

                    1. as far as kashrus is concerned, since yesterday i have been doing extensive research as to whether i can rely on this hashgacha. i came to the conclusion that i can trust the hashgacha. i did not just decide to go with it because of the prices. i cannot recommend it to anyone, because i am not a posek. all i am saying is that i did my research and i feel that i can trust them.

                      okay, so here's the details. i went tonight and BOY!!! did i get a good deal, the following is a list of wha i bought:

                      2 family packs of flanken (3 thick cut strips in each pack)
                      3 packs of marrow bones (4 in each)
                      2-1/2 lbs ground beef
                      1-1/2 lbs ground veal
                      1 5.2 lb 1st cut brisket
                      1 3.4 lb 1st cut brisket
                      1 4.7 lb 1st cut brisket corned beef
                      2 lb skirt steak

                      after i came home i did the math and figured out that if i had bought this all at the normal prices in a place like brachs or gourmet glatt, the total would have been in the neighborhood of $250-$300. the total that i spent was.....



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                      1. re: kiddush hopper

                        through your research, what did you find out in terms of why people don't hold by it?

                        side question, why didnt you buy any of those gorgeous whole chickens?

                        they had whole chickens 1.89lp, not a crazy price, but to see the chickens, they were huge, and they were beautiful