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Nov 9, 2008 04:40 PM

Dine Around Seattle

Anyone had a particularly good Dine-Around-Seattle meal this time around? We're headed to Crush tonight. My previous experience with this event is that many of the restaurants put out very good cuisine, but perhaps not quite the amazing meal that many are capable of. Anyone found something truly outstanding?

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  1. My best in a similar special was Restaurant Zoe. It was a great experience, which isn't always the case!

    1. We were just at Barking Frog earlier...after attending the Taste of Reds at the Columbia. Overall the food was really good. I had started out with the french onion soup with duck confit....I think the duck confit was lost behind the powerful flavors of the beef stock . For my main course, I had the beef cheeks with a cross between gnocchi and the gnuddi from Zoe...except they the outside was brown and crispy...this definitely satisfied my craving for fall foods. For dessert, I had the espresso smores...I think that was the highlight of the night for me. I did notice that they didn't have a wine pairing option...but Barking Frog has a very extensive wine list and we selected a wonder red. there was one misstep (I found out about after the fact). There was bacon in my husband's scallop dish even after he specifically asked for his dish without. I can't say that it was an amazing food experience, but for $30, it was well work the trip.

      Zoe has been my favorite in the last few dine around Seattle events. Brasa also puts forth a good showing. This time around, we'd like to try Hunt Club.

      1. I dined at 35th Street Bistro last week for the promotion and it was lovely. I had a clam starter, a chicken entree, and a panna cotta dessert. The food was flavorful, the atmosphere a huge part of the restaurants success, and the service kind and appropriate.