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Nov 9, 2008 03:53 PM

retirement for Sumi

can this be true? Sumi plans retirement and selling of this Castro neighborhood gem?
December 6, 2008...

4243 - 18th Street
@ Diamond
San Francisco

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  1. Yes. Went to dinner there last Wednesday for the Dine Around. Fairly quiet at 6, but by 6:30, it almost full with lots of regulars there to wish Sumi a happy retirement.

    There's an ownership change sign on the window saying that it will become Sumi Sushi.

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    1. re: Philip

      Today is the last day. Sumi's was a full house last night when we arrived for our 9 pm reservation - and, was still full at 10:45 pm when we departed. What a gem this has been for 23 years; offering its deliciousness, good value, consistency and gracious hospitality. We are always cheered by Martin's excellent service and wonderful sense of humor.
      Warm crusty bread and butter arrived at the table immediately followed with pours of an Italian Prosecco and a Viognier. The duck confit and the ahi tuna tartar with avocado were generous starters, meltingly rich on all counts, reminders that a glass of wine and an app are a perfect meal in itself. Still - who could resist the rare duck breast or the fillet mignon? The miso chicken breast is another menu favorite that I will miss. Sumi's Sundae and the warm pumpkin cake were seductive ends to a festive evening.