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Nov 9, 2008 03:25 PM

Breakfast around Danvers, MA area

Looking for a place to have a good breakfast in Danvers or surrounding area. Denny's not an option. Any suggestions?

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  1. I would suggest going a few exits up to Beverly to the Depot Diner on Enon St. The Century House has breakfast also but Depot DIner is excellent. There's always Brothers in Danvers Square also.

    Depot Diner
    23 Enon St Ste 2, Beverly, MA 01915

    1. I'll second the Depot Diner. It's not your typical boxcar diner. The place is very clean and the food isn't too "greasy." I also love Red's in Salem. The pancakes are great (and huge!)

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        I agree with the Depot Diner and Red's! We also enjoy Kathy's Kountry Kitchen on Rte. 1A in Rowley. Diagonally across from the T.J. Maxx marketplace. Homemade breads and pastries. They're also for sale.
        My all time favorite is 'Lobstaland' on Rte. 128N in Gloucester!! AWESOME!! I believe they close on Dec. 1 for the winter......sadly.