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Nov 9, 2008 03:15 PM

Tim Tam

I heard of the very popular Australian cookie so much and have never tried it. But when I was in my local Target today, I saw Tim Tam that were made under the Pepperidge Farm label. Has anyone that tried the original cookie from Australia try the Pepperdige Farm one? I just had a cookie or two and they seem very addicting but I just wonder what the comparison is like.

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  1. We're big Tim Tam fans, and I usually pay for the imported ones from one of the Aussie mail order places for a treat. Here is a comparison of the two - not my comparison, but maybe helpful. I'd have to have a Tim Tam slam to make a proper comparison, in my opinion.

    1. You can get Tim Tams (called Arnotts here in the States) at World Market (it used to be Cost Plus World Market).

      Arnotts is the company that makes them in Australia, and I have no idea why they changed the name for the states. It's like calling Oreos "Nabisco's" or something.

      Anyway, accept no substitutes! :) Tim Tams are the best.

      1. Oh, and here is more info than you could possibly want on TimTams and the man in the picture is Skyring, my personal source. You can't have him! BWA HA HA. ;)

        1. Seems odd that they are called arnotts? Perhaps someone in Marketing thought that the brand arnotts was more recognisable in the US than the word timtam...strange.

          As an Aussie I'd say anything that allows more people to try timtams is a good thing! Nothing beats a timtam slam! ....and the caramel timtams are the best!

          1. Tim tams were trialled in Target in Chicago for about 2-3 months. They have now disappeared; much to the disgust of the whole family.

            World market also does not have them - at least some of the world markets have shut down. I will let people know if I find them again.

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              Do the Tim Tam sip, or the Arnott's sip!!

              Fetch a hot or cold drink , hot is better in my opinion, and a Tim Tam or 3.

              Nibble off 2 opposite corners, making your cookie into a little straw

              Suck up your drink and pop the whole cookie into your mouth before it implodes. Move extra quickly if you have a hot drink. Hot drinks + Caramel Tim Tams = Extra Goodness

              I had to search really hard at Target for them the other day. They were on some random top shelf, no where near the other Pepperidge Farm stuff. I hope they're still there next time I go. World Market is on the other side of the planet from me and they don't have caramel.