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Nov 9, 2008 02:29 PM

Address of homemade noodle place in Bourdain No Reservations

Heya all,

I am in Hong Kong this week and totally losing my mind with the food here.

Before I leave i need to go to the noodle shop on the Hong Kong episode of No Reservations where the old man makes the noodles by jumping up and down on the wooden pole.

I am just so confused as to where this is. The itinerary that Bourdain posted doesn’t seem to have it listed. All the descriptions are for other places. Am i just being stupid? Where is this place?!?!

Here is his travel log, none seem to match

Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant: On his first day in Hong Kong, Tony and friend Josh enjoyed a meal together at this restaurant, located in the New Territories. Tony ate razor clams, cellophane noodles with soy and bamboo shoots, stir-fried cuttlefish, conch dipped in chicken stock and horseshoe-crab soup.
Address: G/F, 87-89 Man Min Street, Sai Kung
Phone: 852-2792-9294

Four Seasons Clay Pot Restaurant: Tony and Josh enjoyed traditional Hong Kong clay pot rice and assorted sausages.
Address: Temple Street, Yaumatei

Long Kee Noodle Shop: At this restaurant run by brothers, Tony enjoyed some spicy beef brisket noodles.
Address: G/F, 10 Hak Po Street, Mongkok
Phone: 852-2390-3990

(this was the body building brothers, not the old guy)

Tung Po Seafood Restaurant: At this dai pai dong restaurant, Tony dined on various types of delicious seafood consisting of deep-fried mantis shrimp, fish fins, black-ink squid balls with noodles, stir-fried prawns and clam soup.
Address: 99 Java Road, North Point, Cookedfood Center

Yat Lok Barbecue Restaurant: Tony and Josh ate a delicious meal of various roasted meats, including goose with rice, suckling pig and pork belly.
Address: Po Wah House A, Tai Ming Lane, Tai Po, New Territories

Bo Innovation: Tony had an innovative, creative, delicious meal at this Hong Kong gem. It included sausage ice cream with rice crisp, toro sushi with air-dried foie gras, lobster with Szechuan sauce and har gao pasta, and wagyu beef with shrimp and scallop broth.
Address: Upper Ground Floor, Ice House, 32-38 Ice House Street, Central Hong Kong
The Grand Stage: Tony met with some Hong Kong natives to enjoy a tradition ... shark head soup.
Address: Western Market

Typhoon Shelter Crab: Tony sampled this traditional Hong Kong dish (crab with soy, scallions, salt, fried garlic) for the first time at this waterside restaurant. Tony also enjoyed fried mantis shrimp and clams in spicy black bean sauce.
Address: Under the Bridge Spicy Crab
Phone: 852-2573-7698

Lin Heung Teahouse: Tony and friends experienced traditional Hong Kong dim sum at this popular teahouse. Tony ate pork liver shu mai, barbecue pork bun, Chinese-style steamed sponge cake, steamed crab meat with fish maw and har gao (shrimp dumplings).
Address: 160-164 Wellington Street, Central
Phone: 852-2544-4556

any help? :)

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  1. The episode featured the 'factory and noodle master' that made the noodle. To try out the product, head over to ' Wong Chi Kee noodle place' DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM YUNG KEE , WELLINGTON STREET, CENTRAL. Enjoy and good luck!

    1. Actually the old noodle guy has his own noodle shop located on the 2nd floor of the Tai Po Complex, an indoor food market. Its name is Ping Kee Noodles. Phone Number:2658 4567

      Their wonton isn't that great, so I suggest getting their "lo mein" (the housemade egg noodle with soup on the side). Remember to specific the one that is mixed with lard! ;D

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      1. re: kobetobiko

        It's true, their wonton and yu dan are pretty poor. If you eat there you'd want to go with those dry noodles they ate on the TV show.

      2. kobetobiko is 100% correct; Mr Ping's (the guy in the TV episode) noodle stall is in the Tai Po district public market on Heung Sze Wui St in Tai Po. Bourdain and Josh ate at this stall, and also visited Ping's small noodle factory, which is in another building and isn't open to the public. For some reason none of this is on the travel log for this episode.

        1. I forgot how great this scene is, definitely my fav all time scene on No Reservations.

          Not the many of you can read Chinese, but openrice is a great resource for eats in hk. At least you can check out the pics. The pork lard lo mein is #1 on the menu for $17.