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Nov 9, 2008 01:57 PM

In search of Boudin Balls

There is a gas station between Baton Rouge and Houston on the right hand side of the road that has the best boudin balls I've ever had.

Taking a wild stab that someone will know what I'm talking about and help me find them.

Any input would be much appreciated

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  1. Bergeron's Meats on 760 Lobdell Hwy. right outside of Baton Rouge (in Port Allen) has the best boudin balls ever. They are slightly larger than normal but so good!

    They also have yummy beef jerky.

    1. Could it be the Best Stop? They are known for their smoked boudin...

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      1. re: Clarkafella

        Aptly named and they definitely carry some rockin' boudin balls. I picked up some there about two weeks ago.

      2. It wasn't Bergeron's or Best Stop, although I plan to try both next trip.

        I want to say it was about 45 minutes from the Port Allen Bridge. I'd say the road conditions were crappy at the time, but that doesn't really narrow anything down.

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        1. re: amykragan

          Chimes in Baton Rouge has the best boudin balls in the world.

          1. re: carol land

            the first time i tried boudin balls was at frog city in lousiana. being somewhat if a sausage fiend, i ate about 12 of them on the way home .... oh my gawd, oh my gawd.

            just the smell of the things made me smile. i think they were 10 for 5 bucks.
            frog city made a friend out of me

        2. I think it may be on Hwy US90 near Krotz Springs

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          1. Billy's Mini Mart in Krotz Springs it turns out.

            Anybody tried those or recommend another place between Baton Rouge & Houston?

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            1. re: amykragan

              Good lord, woman--boudin balls between Baton Rouge & Houston are as common as stripes on the highway. Johnson's Grocery in Eunice used to have good, mustardy boudin balls, but I haven't had 'em in years. Bubba Frey's in Mowata has very excellent boudin, so very excellent boudin balls are a natural outgrowth.