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Nov 9, 2008 01:20 PM

You know you're a CH when.....

I'm not sure if this makes me a chowhound, but stuff like this happens with me all the time...and makes me chuckle to myself.

I was watching a movie today (A Perfect Murder, for the movie buffs)...and one rather big, and gory scene was taking place in the kitchen...and the prominent thought in my head was ...."wow that's a great kitchen, I wish I had a kitchen like that...look at that knife block"...

...and it wasn't because I was bored with the movie either...

throw yours out !

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  1. I was at a special event and our table was beginning to eat the expensively catered dinner. Everyone around me was oohing and aahing over the food. I was thinking the quality of the chicken was poor, too much orange and not enough ginger in the vinagrette, cranberries were a poor addition to the salad, too much salt and not enough curry in the sausage/curry soup, a touch of mango would have been nice in the soup, gee the sausage tastes homemade, and so on -- all in a brief amount of time, like maybe a couple minutes.

    1. There was a REALLY LONG thread with the same subject not so long ago, though I'm not sure how to search for it. Maybe someone has a link.....

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        I've been reading it for the last 30 minutes..... you know you're a CH if you are easily distracted off this topic onto another topic onto another topic....

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          ....perhaps I should know you're a CH when you are in such a hurry to post your latest food related posts that you can't stop to search......

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            So there was another thread on this topic. It's a fun topic and there is always more to say.

        2. I was at an art museum last week. I was so engrossed by the still life studies of markets and serving tables covered with fruit, vegetable and game that the artist/technique was barely in my awareness!

          My wallet was happy that their cafe had closed!

          1. I can walk out of the grocery store feeling satisfied I made out like a bandit for the time being. Generally other will noticing that I am drooling all the way to my car.

            I am a Bad Chowhound when others noticing my fowl language belongs in the poultry cooler.

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              To me, the grocery store is like toys r us. I buy all this kewl stuff (but trying to stay on my budget) and then I get to go home and play with it. If I work it right my new toys can last a week. Then I get to buy more!

            2. My mom is a chowhound too. One year she decorated a small christmas tree with tiny yellow lights and little cooking utensils she had collected over a period of a couple of years. She even found a tiny wisk.