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You know you're a CH when.....

I'm not sure if this makes me a chowhound, but stuff like this happens with me all the time...and makes me chuckle to myself.

I was watching a movie today (A Perfect Murder, for the movie buffs)...and one rather big, and gory scene was taking place in the kitchen...and the prominent thought in my head was ...."wow that's a great kitchen, I wish I had a kitchen like that...look at that knife block"...

...and it wasn't because I was bored with the movie either...

throw yours out !

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  1. I was at a special event and our table was beginning to eat the expensively catered dinner. Everyone around me was oohing and aahing over the food. I was thinking the quality of the chicken was poor, too much orange and not enough ginger in the vinagrette, cranberries were a poor addition to the salad, too much salt and not enough curry in the sausage/curry soup, a touch of mango would have been nice in the soup, gee the sausage tastes homemade, and so on -- all in a brief amount of time, like maybe a couple minutes.

    1. There was a REALLY LONG thread with the same subject not so long ago, though I'm not sure how to search for it. Maybe someone has a link.....

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        I've been reading it for the last 30 minutes..... you know you're a CH if you are easily distracted off this topic onto another topic onto another topic....

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          ....perhaps I should say...you know you're a CH when you are in such a hurry to post your latest food related posts that you can't stop to search......

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            So there was another thread on this topic. It's a fun topic and there is always more to say.

        2. I was at an art museum last week. I was so engrossed by the still life studies of markets and serving tables covered with fruit, vegetable and game that the artist/technique was barely in my awareness!

          My wallet was happy that their cafe had closed!

          1. I can walk out of the grocery store feeling satisfied I made out like a bandit for the time being. Generally other will noticing that I am drooling all the way to my car.

            I am a Bad Chowhound when others noticing my fowl language belongs in the poultry cooler.

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              To me, the grocery store is like toys r us. I buy all this kewl stuff (but trying to stay on my budget) and then I get to go home and play with it. If I work it right my new toys can last a week. Then I get to buy more!

            2. My mom is a chowhound too. One year she decorated a small christmas tree with tiny yellow lights and little cooking utensils she had collected over a period of a couple of years. She even found a tiny wisk.

              1. You go on vacation and spend more time browsing and shopping in the grocery stores/specialty cooking and food shops than anywhere else!

                I recently spent 3 weeks in England and came home with a suitcase full of spices, condiments, sauces, biscuits, rice and grains, etc. (Today I'm using the preserved lemons I brought home in a Morrocan lamb dish).

                My MIL, who accompanied me on the trip, laughed at the fact that I spent more time browsing in the grocery stores looking than I did browsing at Harrods!

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                  I do hope you got to tour Harrod's food halls while you were there - they're absolute foodie pornography!

                2. To me, it's when a major reviewer raves about a place, and I can't find a single good thing to say about it. Or, when a spot is panned, in print, or electronically, and I really love the food. I realize that I am not like the masses.

                  Same for any spot with poor food, service, etc., but it gets a pass from the press, because it is a "happening place," or has a "wonderful vibe." These terms mean nothing to me, regardless of how many "beautiful people" might be dining there. It's about the food, the service and the wine.


                  1. Being in the grocery store, especially a new grocery store makes you happy.
                    When you are in a new area or neighborhood, you scope out the restaurants you might like to come back to try.
                    You only *really* like to socialize with other friends who can appreciate food.
                    Much of your TV watching consists of food channel viewing.
                    You read cookbooks to help you get to sleep.
                    People who can eat crap and don't even realize it get on your nerves.
                    You have partner-in-crime restauranting relationships that really only consist of you and said friend meeting up for eating.
                    You base where you travel on what you will be able to eat where you go.
                    One of your criterion for choosing a spouse is that s/he can appreciate good food and eat a variety of it.
                    Could go on and on...

                    1. when you care about plating. When I go out to a restaurant I'm highly critical about plating. I want it to be like art you eat. Orginal and pleasing to the eye. It should look as good as it tastes.