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Nov 9, 2008 12:45 PM

Reheating frozen rice..

I first heard of freezing rice from a Japanese relative. I have in my freezer one zip-loc bag of rice. How do I reheat in the microwave (this is the method she recommended)? Should I thaw first? Add some liquid and cover before microwaving? Do any of the cooks here do this?


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  1. straight from the freezer -just zap it long enough to reheat.
    I freeze single portions and it's an easy reheat that is nearly as good as freshly steamed rice.
    if you are concerned about the ziploc plastic bag, then microwave it in a suitable microwavable container(which will not leach plasticizers

    1. I put mine, still frozen, in a covered microwave proof bowl with about a teaspoon of water per cup of rice, set the power level to fifty percent and heat for a minute or two. I check it and, as it thaws, separate the rice kernels with a fork. I continue repeating that process until the rice reaches the temperature I'm trying to achieve. If I'm going to use butter or something else on the rice I usually heat the butter etc. in a wide pan and stir the rice into the butter.

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        Many thanks to both of you. I don't know how I failed to turn up the earlier thread with my search!

        Just to be clear, because I rarely use my microwave, when you say "covered" bowl, (I do not have a special cover for a microwave bowl)--is it ok if I just place a paper towel on top of the microwavable glass bowl? I need a lesson is using the microwave! I do not even know how to specify 50% power!

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          Use plastic wrap to cover. The point is to steam the rice. A paper towel will just lead to rubbery dry rice.

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            I reheat rice & rice based foods all the time and all I do is sprinkle water over the rice & reheat on full power (because I don't know how to use power function either!) until heated through. Or I sometimes use "reheat" button on microwave which automatical* uses less power. I would check halfwa* thru to make sure u sprinkled enough water. About using a paper towel to cover, I recommend using saran wrap & poking a few small holes to let some steam thru.

            * dang, letter is not working on ke*board:-)

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              CAUTION: When you cover food in your microwave (I don't use plastic wrap but that would be included in the list of cautions) be VERY careful when you remove the cover. I use tongs to remove covers other than the intended cover for the vessel and some form of protective barrier (e.g. pot holder) when removing covers from items heated in the microwave. A steam burn, besides being very painful, can be quite dangerous and you can't always tell how much steam you have in the vessel until the cover comes off. Even "vented" items can produce steam burns - be careful