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Cheese Curds in Wash/Balt

Found an old thread about the French-Canadian delicacy poutine, discontinued in 2007. Whereas poutine gravy mix can be purchased online (or in my case the last trip to Quebec), cheese curds are more difficult. Is there any farmstand/supermarket/specialty shop, preferably in Balto., that sells them? No luck at the farmers market (JFX) this morning. Thanks in advance.


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  1. I bought some here once; I'm pretty sure it was at Trader Joe's.

    1. Trader Joe's carries them but they're not fresh enough to squeek.

      1. I bought cheddar cheese and horseradish white cheddar cheese curds at Wegman's in Hunt Valley last weekend. They probably have what you are looking for. FoiGras

        1. i picked up some cheese curds at the farmers market in courthouse (arlington) a couple weeks ago. they squeaked.

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            The cheese curds at the arlington farmer's market are indeed very good. Although I have never been able to get any cheese curds to squeak..

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              I love the cheese curds from the man at Courthouse farmers' market. He usually has plain, herbed, and onion varieties. But no squeaking. The only squeaky cheese curds I've had were at the Tillamook Creamery in Oregon (we were at the factory and they were fresh off the production line).

          2. I've never heard Poutine called a "delicacy." have you had it at Pied de Cochon with about a pound of foie gras added?

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              Not yet, tartuffe, although that's the plan for next time I get up to the Great White North. Thanks for the help, all! I'll make a Wegman's trip soon.


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                after eating it twice in 2 days in montreal in september i would call it a delicacy, or maybe an addiction. ate it in midst of 100 km bike ride (all day up and down the island),,, been curious if it exists here in Balt/Wash. In NJ the diners do something called disco fries but I don't know if it uses cheese curds or just cheese... anyone know?

              2. I have seen them at the Amish Market in Annapolis.

                1. dupont circle farmers market has them