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Ice wine vinegar?

Has anyone here tried ice wine vinegar?

http://www.igourmet.com/shoppe/shoppe... - about 1/3 of the way down.

It's incredibly expensive - but is it worth it? I love vinegars (I have at least a dozen) but ack - the price!

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  1. I've not tried it, but IMO, no. Ice wines basically are aborted and not as good as Beerenausleses or TBAs. To deliberately turn it into vinegar is a double infamy. There are so many good high-end balsamics available, why spend needlessly?

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      Some icewine may be aborted, but none from VQA in Ontario.

    2. $50!!! I dont even know if I would pay that much for the actual wine! :)

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        I bought some of this stuff a few years ago.

        Compares well to top end balsamics but it is not worth the money in my view.

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          Shouldn't it be more like a sherry vinegar? (or is balsamic more than just the ubiquitous red stuff?)

          I just buy a wee bottle of ice wine (we have a large selection of price points here in Toronto) and just use that instead of vinegar or add a splash of my acid of choice (in addition) to round out.

          Yum yum - especially with Spanish dishes.

      2. I am embarassed to tell you that I bought a bottle of Minus 8 after reading raves about it. The embarassing part is that it is still sitting on my shelf, unopened, after 2 years or more. I had forgotten all about it.




        Speaking about fabulous vinegars, I bought a bottle of Rozendal back from South Africa and used it to make wonderful salads. With the bottle almost finished, I recently ordered more and would highly recommend; I have a US e-mail for mail order if anyone is interested; they will be at the Fancy Food show in New York in June:



        1. Minus 8 is one of the most exceptional vinegars on the planet. I've been obsessed with vinegars and oils for years, and have sampled hundreds. Minus 8 is a knockout and worth every penny. (I made a Minus 8 sorbet to serve with an olive oil cake for a large party several years ago, and people are still raving.

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          1. re: pikawicca

            Pikawicca, how would you recommend that I use Minus 8? (I am not ambitious enough to make the sorbet!!)

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              Since strawberries are in season (here, at least), I'd splash a few drops on some ripe berries. A few drops on the plate around a piece of roasted halibut (also in season). And, of course, in a very simple vinaigrette with premium EVOO on locally-grown salad mix. (BTW, you could make a granita, instead of the sorbet -- super simple!)

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                Thanks! We have been eating a lot of halibut lately so will try that as well as the strawberries!

                Do you mind telling me exactly how you roast the halibut? (I have been making a Marcella recipe with fennel that is excellent)

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                I've been using Minus 8 for several years and sell it in the shop. It is fabulous. Fruit, foie gras or just sipping. i always have a bottle on hand.

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                Minus 8 sorbet sounds magical. Care to share the recipe?