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Nov 9, 2008 12:18 PM

public service announcement: pfalzgraff outlet going out of business

At least the one in southern Indiana is. I got a set of 6 laguiole steak knives for $12!!! (they're $89 for a set of 4 at WS). I got the knives, 2 popover pans, a set of 3 cookie racks, an anchor casserole dish, a small covered anchor dish, a large insulated stainless mixing bowl, a nutmeg grater, a turkey baster, 2 silicone baking pads, a kitchenaid silverware drawer insert thingy, a butt-load of kitchen towels and a stovetop espresso pot all for $90. There was a sign that says new stuff daily.

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    1. ""At least the one in southern Indiana is.""

      If it is like some other going out of business sales in Southern Indiana, I recall an outfit that was in business for another 10 years after such announcement. It is Sheepherder's crying "Wolf!" territory down there. Be careful before you spends all your money...