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What to cook in my new enamelware dutch oven?

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With a gift card and a going out of business sale at Linens N ThingsI picked up a 5 qt. Rachel Ray dutch oven for a cash outlay of $14. Let's start a list of must cooks!

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  1. No-knead bread.

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    1. re: sharonanne

      Ditto - maybe something with a little rosemary and garlic to give it a life.

    2. Short ribs or a pot roast.

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      1. re: porker

        I second the short ribs - my hands-down favorite thing to cook in my enameled dutch oven. Thanks to Chef Chicklet and JFood for hooking me up with an awesome recipe for red wine braised short ribs - they were amazing served over polenta. Here's a link to the recipe:


      2. Italian tortellini soup

        1. Good old fashion beef stew with baking soda biscuits and LOTS of butter.

          1. Carnitas!!!! (Browned n' braised pork shoulder or butt...) Love my dutch oven. Adam

            1. Ropa Vieja - Cuban shredded beef

              Kahlua Pork - Hawaiian pulled pork w/o BBQ sauce

              1. Goulash!

                1. osso buco but if you have an aversion to veal you can use beef shanks or pork shanks

                  Good old fashioned pot roast using a lager and beef stock as your braising liquid.