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Nov 9, 2008 11:31 AM

Dante disappointment

We dined at Dante last night and after hearing such good things we were surprised that it ended up being such a disappointing meal. Their reservation policy is strange. When I called earlier in the week, I was told that the only spots lefter were at 6:15pm or 9:30pm. I went for the earlier time and was surprised that the restaurant was practically empty from when we arrived until when we left around 8pm. As for the food, we started with a mixed green salad which was just greens and minute cucumber and radish slivers that was heavy on the vinegar and the lamb antipasti which reminded us of shawarma. For our entrees, we had the steak which was served with spinach and mushrooms and the sole scaloppine. The steak was fine but the sole was under seasoned and bland. The check came to $90 (after subtracting a $25 gift certificate!!!) for 2 starters, 2 entrees, a glass of wine and tip. Was it an off night or did we not order well?

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  1. I have only eaten there once last December and I too was excited to go thinking the food would be very good. While it was stylish and the presentation was nice the food was very bland and compared to other restaurants in Boston and Cambridge it was just ok. If I am going to spend that kind of money I want to know that food is going to be fantastic.

    1. I had dinner there at the bar recently, first time there. Everything was really, really good. Light fluffy tripe, the only time i've ever really liked tripe. A seafood antipasto plate, gnocchi with truffle and beef carpacchio, cone-shaped pasta with a goat ragu. Very fine stuff, wonderful and surprising flavor combinations, you know, what you hope for in an expensive restaurant. I'll surely be back.

      It's confusing to read the above disappointed posts. Is this place really that inconsistent?

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        I've been a handful of times, and in my opinion the food has always been quite good. The prices are pretty high, but not out of proportion to similar restaurants in the area. One theme that has bothered me though is pretty spotty service. People have always been very friendly and courteous, but more than half the time I've been forgotten in some way (once the hostess forgot we had been waiting for a table, another time, we sat around for a good 15 minutes before anyone came by, and not during a busy time, another time, we had to yank a drink menu from another table etc.) In general, I have a decent opinion of the place, but bad service is definitely a pet peeve of mine and for the price shouldn't ever really be an issue.