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Cooking a roast from frozen..........

dockhl Nov 9, 2008 11:23 AM

I have a rib roast in the freezer that I need to use. 3 1/3 lbs, bone in. I'm thinking of doing this with it today, maybe searing the outside in a pan before popping in a 325' oven, for.........2 hrs? Any thoughts?

I've done it with great success with tritip, and others seem to have had luck, too.



  1. dockhl Nov 9, 2008 07:57 PM

    OMG, this was the best yet !

    2 rib roast, 3.36 lbs., frozen solid. Rinsed, seasoned and seared, plunked in a 325' oven uncovered at 5:20. Checked 1 hour later, the core was still frozen.

    Checked again at 7:45, the center measured 127'. Kept it in for a few more minutes, took out and rested until 8:05. 134'.................perfectly pink, incredibly tender, juicy but not much spilling out. Oh man....................

    So this one took almost three hours, for some reason, but SO worth it!

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