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Nov 9, 2008 11:20 AM

Recommendations for Cooked Turkey Supermarket?

I have roasted many turkeys for 20+ people for our family gatherings using many different recipes, and favorite is the brined recipe from SF Chronicle, usually juicy But this year, asking Chowhounds if there is a knockout roasted turkey from the many upscale markets, ie. Whole Foods, Andronicos, Draegers, Molly Stone, Lunardi, Bi-Rite, etc;: criteria is juicy and moist and better than homecooked. To me, turkey is always better than leftovers, prefer dark to white meat. Cannot tell turkey quality difference if 99 cent a pound to $2.99 for organic, free range etc. Turkey is way over rated for flavor. Like to pick up on Thanksgiving Day, piping hot if possible or day before. San Francisco, East Bay, Peninsula in that order. No need for side dishes, home made is always better than market. No Safeway or Luckys, please.

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  1. I've migrated to 99 Ranch Market Thanksgiving roasted turkeys in recent years. Moist, and with a nice taste. From my point of view, the bonus is the free side dishes of fried rice and other Chinese sides.

      1. re: wolfe

        Wolfe and Hao Chr, does not have to be roasted, but is there a better method. I looked into the turkey deep fat fryers at Home Depot, Loewe's etc, but cannot see justification for price over number of use, unless other CHs love it. I tried the Vietnamese "roasted" ones near SJSU campus downtown San Jose, it was God-awful, an F grade. 99 Ranch does not appeal to me, being Chinese American who shops there all the time.

        But keep sending recommendations and comments, please. Have over 2 and half weeks more.

        1. re: diner101

          The link says Yats will fry theirs or yours.

          1. re: diner101

            Here's some good news on the fried turkey front. $32 for a 14# turkey bring your own. Safeway's 14# turkey $5.99. Make sure it is completely defrosted and emptied of is innards before you go.