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Nov 9, 2008 11:09 AM

Bug editing a venue listing

I was trying to add data for Thee Parkside, address, description, uploading a photo, and it failed.

Then I went to search for Thee Parkside and it couldn't be found.

FYI you can see I linked it to this thread:

I hope my editing didn't blow it out of the database!

It is in your system though.

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  1. There's a recurring problem with Places and Application errors. It's nothing you did, and it'll come back when our Engineering team is able to update something on one of the servers.

    1. The workaround to check out if all is well is to add the word edit at the end of your url.

      Also for a new record there is a lag of 30 minutes to one hour between the time when the record is added to when it will show up in a search of Places.

      As long as a number is assigned, it is there.