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Nov 9, 2008 09:56 AM

12 Week Stint in Downtown Seattle

Folks and Fellow Hounds:

I will be traveling to Seattle on a gig for the next 12 weeks, pretty much every week. I'm there on a pretty serious deal, so lot's of work and hours, and only breaking for food. This means I need a good list of places around 1900 Fifth Avenue, The Westin to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. I prefer a good walk, but will take a cab, no problem. Have money to spend, and I'm not a tourist. I know Seattle pretty well,and I rank Steelhead Diner high on my list of good places if you want to know how my tastes lean. I'll eat pretty much anything , except goat cheese and cilantro, as long as it's well prepared.

Don't need a huge list, just your best recommendations with those criteria.

Thanks in advance for your contribution.


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  1. Have you tried doing a search on this board for recommendations? I know there are many thread with that topic.

    1. HIt one or all of the Tom Douglas restaurants and please have a slice of the coconut cream pie and the hot donuts for me, please!

      1. In that area you have tons of options. I'm not familiar with breakfast places near there but for lunch I would say head to the Market and go to Le Pichet, The Crumpet Shop, Place Pigalle, Matt's in the Market or Uli's. For dinner I would say Palace Kitchen, Union, Matt's in the Market, Boat Street, Spur, Quinn's.

        1. If you're around on a weekend, I'd hit Cafe Campagne for the oeuffs en meurette. If I ever get convicted of a horrific crime and am forced to pick a last meal, that will be it.

          1. I like Lola (Tom Douglas) for breakfast. I also like it for dinner--very different. I agree with the general recommendation for all of his restaurants (Palace Kitchen for late night, Dahlia Lounge more NW upscale, Lola is Greek, Serious Pie for pizza, and Etta's for seafood, lunch, and brunch--oh and Dahlia Bakery for pastriy and lunch sandwiches). Your location is right in downtown, and well within walking distance of Belltown, for anything you see elsewhere on this board. Places I would go to within walking distance: Zoe, Txori, Le Pichet, Matt's in the Market, Purple (lunch), Sazerac (lunch), Top Pot Doughnuts. Baguette Box. Quinn's gastropub and Poppy's in Cap Hill. For short travel, Sitka & Spruce, Lark, Tilth, Crush.