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Grinch Themed Office Breakfast - really!

Need help with a Grinch themed breakfast! My dear boyfriend works for an advertising agency where every Friday someone provides breakfast for everyone (25ppl). They have a small standard kitchen with 4 burner stove top, oven and microwave. Other offerings have ranged from basic to the extremely creative.

It's his turn again in December & he wants to use my Grinch waffle irons and have a Holiday theme. Breakfast is served around 9 a.m. He's definetly going to make Gingerbread waffles, so he wants to keep the other items simple or can be made ahead of time.

Would love some creative ideas to go with the Gingerbread waffles! Smithfield ham? Flavored syrups? Fruit or chocolate toppings for waffles? Easy egg dish? Specialty drink? Help!

BTW, the Grinch waffle iron creates waffles that look like the curly-q or swirls that are all over the original movie & book.

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  1. There's a Nigella Lawson recipe that might fit the bill -- thins slices of ham wrapped in pesto crepes. It's not the Grinch but it's Dr. Seuss and green....

    1. What fun! A ham would be a great idea and could be labeled 'Roast Beast' as a book reference. There aren't as many food refs in the book as I thought there were. In the text, there's just the rare Who-roast-beast, Who-pudding, and the 'last can of Who-hash' (that wasn't part of the feast, but the Grinch stole it anyhow).

      Creative labels could be fun. How about a bowl of blueberries for topping the waffles labeled 'Who-berries'? Passionfruit syrup with a few drops of green food coloring for 'Grinch syrup'. Limeade + pineapple juice for a tasty green-tinged 'Grinch juice'.

      If I were him, I'd worry about how long it will take to make enough waffles for 25 people with just one waffle iron.

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        Great creative suggestions! I actually have two of the Grinch waffle makers & a regular Belgian one. He will have a buddy helping him with waffle duty & they can use the oven or a chafing dish to keep pre-made ones warm. People usually stagger in for about an hour & not all at once, which helps!

      2. Bob Blumer, the Surreal Gourmet, made Green Eggs and Ham (okay, not Grinch but Seuss) with the base of the egg cut out of a slice of honeydew melon, the yolk was a scoop of canteloupe, and the ham was a couple of thin strips of proscuitto. A take on proscuitto and melon. A little drizzle of honey-mustard dressing or not.

        Made this once as the appy at a dinner part for a friend who does an annual Dr. Seuss birthday party with his elementary class. I tried to find a picture to link for you but came up empty. Cut the honeydew irregularly but smoothly like a fried egg shape.

        Please tell us about some of the other breakfasts! This is so clever, and maybe we could pick up a trick or two.

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          We like the idea of a Seussian inspired menu! Before your posts, I was thinking more about Holiday type foods, but this is more fun! Keep the ideas coming. In the past most of the themes have been inspired by heritage (Frech, Jewish, Italian, Southern, etc.), so a Seuss theme will be dialing it up a notch. Last time he was the host we did a Breakfast Fiesta; the Chorizo, queso fresco and poblano Strata was a hit.

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            There's One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish -- maybe make a blue cracker dough and use a fish cookie cutter to cut it out, then put out a spread with a salmon & cream cheese for them.

        2. And instead of a chef's toque, even if it's made of paper and stapled together, while he's cooking and serving, of course he must wear

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            Love the new Avatar! Very fitting for such a knowledgable Seussian!

          2. Do you, or someone in your family, possess enough artistic ability to create a replica of the Grinch character using modeling clay?
            If so, how about preparing this:
            Coloring the marshmallow/butter mixture with green food coloring (I would try to keep the amount of food coloring low - just enough to get the proper hue) and forming it into an image of the Grinch?
            Or baking a sheet coffee cake, coloring it green and cutting it into the shape of the Grinch, the adding almond halves at an angle to represent the eyes and bacon pieces or a piped on dark raisin puree to outline other facial features?

            1. Saw Paula Deen on TV recently, corrupting small children with a cooking lesson that included food-coloring green scrambled eggs. Not sure I could bring myself to tuck into those....

              Perhaps an all-green fruit salad: honeydew, Granny Smith apple, kiwi, green grapes, sweetened with mint jelly or green maraschino cherries with their juice. Or, for Xmas color, add drained red maraschinos.

              1. Who-pudding should be easy. You could do a baked rice pudding, or some other breakfast custard.

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                  I always thought the who-pudding was like Yorkshire pudding - because it was served with "roast beast".... so maybe popovers...

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                    hmmm popovers would work for breakfast.

                2. Party City has the Cat in the Hat hat
                  It's only $8.99

                  1. I think you definitely have to have something garlicky, because Mr. Grinch had garlic in his soul, according to the story. You could do garlicky mini quiches or muffins, and put a flag in it that says "You have garlic in your soul". That sounds like a really fun breakfast! I bought my brother a grinch t-shirt for Christmas last year and had it personalized to say Mr. 'his last name'! And boy does it fit! ;-)

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                      I remember Bobby Flay doing a 'green eggs & ham' dish on iron chef, I think the green was a salsa verde on top of an eggs benedict of sorts. instead of gingerbread waffles you could have poached eggs with ham on the waffles with a salsa verde or some kind of green aioli or pesto on top.

                    2. well, Who Hash could be great. Why not a corned beef hash? Many years ago I seem to remember someone making hash in muffin tins, cracking an egg on top of each for the last few minutes of cooking. Or doing a pan of shirred eggs over a bed of "Who Hash"
                      Shirred eggs are great, easy to make in a 9x13 pan or oval baker and look great.

                      1. When I read the title of the post [before reading it] my thoughts were as follows:

                        juice glasses with four tablespoons of juice a piece
                        muffins, with bites removed
                        perhaps an empty fruit bowl, or bananas cuts into two-inch pieces

                        But it turns out that I just have a sick sense of humor; and you are planning a really nice breakfast. But, the Grinch was not generous.

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                          No, I like that idea! I was also thinking something along the lines of mini chocolate muffins, perhaps roughed up a bit around the edges, covered in dark chocolate, to look like lumps of coal.

                        2. Thanks for all of your great suggestions so far! I'm doing a first trial run of the Grinch breakfast this weekend & may do another over Thanksgiving weekend when family is in town. Here's what I'm planning:

                          Grinch Waffles with Who-berry sauce
                          Green Eggs n' Ham - shirred eggs over spinach served in a ham crisp cup
                          Who-Pudding - Krispy Kreme bread pudding
                          Grinch Fruit kabobs & yogurt - all green fruits on a skewer with yogurt dip

                          I won't be there when he does this at his office, so it needs to be prepped the night before or easy to assemble. May still try the popovers, mini quiche and who-hash. Thoughts? More suggestions? Thanks again for the great input!

                          1. How did your Grinch breakfast go? Was it a huge success?