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Nov 9, 2008 09:35 AM

tell me about your *dream* kitchen

Whether you are already enjoying your dream kitchen, or still just dreaming, I'd love to hear about it!

My partner and I will be gutting our little kitchen and starting from scratch (except we already have a fridge - french door, bottom freezer JennAir). Tell me about your favorite appliances and gadgets. Countertops and cabinets, flooring, layout and lighting.

Budget is definitely a consideration, but I'll take any and all suggestions, tips, how-tos, and horror stories!

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  1. I'm a "still-dreaming." I'd love:

    Two sinks. A colorfully stained concrete floor that might even have a proper drain in it, and a stained concrete counter. I love the softly fluctuating color you can get that way. (I'm all about cleaning, not avoiding broken dishes; I don't mind putting a towel or cutting board down to limit the risk.) A definite place for my compost scraps. A high tiled backsplash. A huge and beautiful butcher's block on an island. A leather (easy to clean) couch away from the mess but near enough to crash on and chat with the cook(s). Bar stools where friends can sit with their wine. Good light-- a friend installed inexpensive skylights and WOW, does that make a difference in her kitchen, and I think a HUGE one in my gray Pacific NW climate. Another kitchen in my area that I loved was mostly glass on the southern side, and again, it was a night and day difference in how cozy the kitchen was. A REALLY good hood. I've lived years in rentals with non-functioning hoods, and it is finally driving me batty. I love my magnetic strip for my knives (don't do what I did and put them near your stove or other source of grease/moisture!). An open shelving unit suitable for lots of enameled cast iron, kitchenaid mixer and other frequently used but heavy items.

    I could go on and on. I hope you have oodles of fun with your project!

    1. When my lottery number hits, my dream kitchen will include:

      Eco-friendly appliances, counters and cabinets
      Italian tiled walls & floors
      Fabulous light including a stained glass window of my own design...leading out to a equally fabulous outdoor entertainment area with it's own exterior kitchen space.

      Until then, I'll enjoy the space I have :o)

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      1. re: HillJ

        seems to me that eco-friendly and Imported are diametrically opposed!?

        whats the carbon footprint of a few tons of stone being shipped halfway around the world?
        if eco friendly is what you want, think more about bamboo, cork, concrete and local stone/composites.

        1. re: nkeane

          nkeane, the wonderful thing about describing a dream that it's entirely personal choice. Atho I didn't ask for suggestions for flooring or wall surfaces...if that is your idea of a dream kitchen more power to ya.

      2. My dream kitchen is any kitchen where someone else does the dishes.
        But seriously, a gas stove that has a really high flame and a really low flame. Too much work space (can't happen). A pantry. When we renovated, I found a used restaurant chargrill for a couple of hundred and that has been alot of fun, especially in winter. You must have a good exhaust system and a source of outside air to feed it.

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        1. re: ligature

          I have a kitchen where someone else does the dishes! It's heaven. But it would be even more heavenly with more counter space, granite please, gas burners and a dishwasher that doesn't take two hours to run, very noisily. And someplace where I can put a grill! Apartment living is hard.

        2. The one thing I really want is an induction stove. I had one while living in Japan and loved it. The downside is that a lot of pans will not work on induction, but the upside is that it is more eco-friendly than other options. I think my dream kitchen would include other eco-friendly appliances and features.

          I am not too fussy about the size. I like smaller kitchens but would prefer a larger double sink than I have now that would actually allow me to soak bigger pans (now they will not fit) and a small pantry.

          1. Anything with a view of the Ocean out the window while I wash dishes :)

            a 1000 sq, ft open concept with huge island in the center with built in wine cooler and ice maker.
            That, and a lovely set of matching stainless steel professional appliances, especially a 6+ burner gas range, with high and lo BTU options. Marble floors, and countertops, with large double sink....

            and one more thing, someone else to pay for it.