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Nov 9, 2008 09:06 AM

Tampa - who sells the best Italian Sausage??

I've recently made friends with another Tampa native with roots in Ybor City and we have been trading notes on local dishes. The subject of Italian sausage came up and she asked me if I had a source for quality sausage.

Unfortunately I have been only moderately happy with sausage I've bought at Castellano and Pizzo, as well as at Cacciatore's on Armenia. In my opinion both establishments sell a good product but neither is as exceptionally good as we remember from earlier days.

Anyone know where to get a better sausage in Tampa?



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  1. Hey Tony. wish i had something better to offer. Those are the two places I rely on. Cacciatore's is disappointing in that they keep the spicy sausage frozen. when i asked why, they explained that their geriatric customer base can't stomach the spicy stuff any more, so it doesn't move.

    1. How about Surf N Turf on Tampa Rd? Barely out of Oldsmar in Palm Harbor. Over the years I have gotten great products there.

      1. Surf N Turf is a good choice. There is an Italian deli (the name escapes me now) on the east side of US 19 in the shopping center just south of the driver's license office. They have great italian sausage, both sweet (the wife likes) and spicy (my favorite). They also have a slew of other Italian goodies. If I can remember the name, I'll post it for you.

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          Thanks for the kind replies........looks like I'll have to make a drive to Palm Harbor and try Surf N Turf. Please keep the suggestions flowing!.

          1. re: tony noriega

            If you also like wine Surf N Turf has a nice selection. It's a nice family run market.

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            The italian store is called Felice and it is on US 19 near the tax collector just south of curlew road. Surf and turf is good. try mazzaro's market in St pete for italian treats.

          3. How about Mazzaro's Italian Market in St. Pete?

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              Once again, thanks for the fine suggestions. The latest one - Mazzaro's in St Pete - is enticing since I've never been. I've read on more than one posting that they have exceptional Italian specialties so I'm going to give them a try......Italian sausage is at the top of my list for my visit and I'll report back about it.

              1. re: tony noriega

                get thee to Mazarro's, Tony! One of the few things I covet about Pinellas. IOf you go on a saturday, be prepared to fight crowds.

                1. re: tony noriega

                  Hi, Tony
                  The best Italian in the area is Felice up on 19, I think right before Nebraska Ave, it's a bit of a hike. They have this really good skinny Parmesan and parsley sausage. If you don't want to drive up that way I would say in second place would be Mazzaro's.

              2. I think George's Meat Market in St. Pete has good Italian sausage.

                I particularly like their "Sicilian sausage" which is stuffed with cheese.

                George's Meat Market Inc.
                4611 Haines Rd N
                St Petersburg, FL 33714
                (727) 525-4600‎