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Nov 9, 2008 08:05 AM

Mumbles in Gramercy Park: good and cheap...

Stopped in to Mumbles on 3rd. Ave. for a chat with a local friend recently and ended up with a darn good meal at a reasonable price: their deconstructed Cobb Salad was good as was my guest's Quesadilla...generous portions too. Not fancy by any means, but imho fine for a casual meal that won't threaten your wallet...

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  1. I agree. Mumbles has some solid food. Certainly not a destination place but good for the neighborhood. Their specials are fantastic.

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    1. re: roze

      Good to know. Back in the day, Chowhounders talked about plenty of "downscale" as well as upscale...perhaps the economic situation will make that practice RETURN. I am ready to explore non-expensive places (like those that Sietsema finds buy the boatload)!


    2. wow, Mumbles is still open? i used to live nearby, years ago. it was one of those places that i always noted as i walked past, but never bothered to try because there were so many other, more appealing options in the neighborhood.

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        That would describe me too, but there are a lot less appealing options in the area these days, and Mumbles is still standing. I've read some mediocre reviews of the place, but might finally get around to trying it.

      2. I live near where the Mumbles on 3rd and 91 St. was. I miss it very much. We used to get the early bird specials (if you arrived before 7PM) for $7.95. That included the specials as well as any item on the menu. Imagine, 2 soft shell crabs w/potato and vegetables or a steak with potato and vegetable for that price. I guess that's why they aren't there any more.