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Nov 9, 2008 08:02 AM

Last Hurrah before going Gluten-Free

I've recently found out I am allergic to gluten (flour and wheat products), and I need to start my gluten free diet in one week. I want to have some amazing gluten filled meals before I give it up for good. A "last hurrah" if you will. I started at Stella last night with the aspargus - truffle- cream homemade linguine with a poached egg on top (decadent). Where else should I hit? What would you consider a "must have"?

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  1. Please don't OD, for need to give us feedback. I don't understand why you need a LH, just move on and live.

    1. oh my god -- that sounds so delicious i think you could stop right there!

      1. Here's a thought - spend your last week frequenting the several great restaurants in town that actually offer gluten-free menus. You don't have to order from the gluten-free menu, but maybe it will help you adjust while remembering that there is still plenty of good dining in Boston that's gluten-free. Fill up on noodles at the Elephant Walk if you feel the urge, but turn the menu over and peruse the full page GF menu for future reference. Enjoy some dumplings at Myers+Chang but spec out their GF menu. And so on. Maybe this is a good compromise between a "last hurrah" and finding a way to look forward to the great dining options that you'll still be able to enjoy after next week. Good luck!

        1. I am gluten-free too, and if I was going to binge, I'd pick an Italian restaurant with really good bread. I'm sure one of the hounds can make better suggestions than me, as I haven't eaten bread in a while. For sweets, my splurge is usually a cookie or ten from Lakota Bakery, or something from Petsi's Pies.

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            Italian is a good suggestion. We just had the excellent spaghetti and meatballs at Grotto the other night, and the bread that came before the meal was top notch.