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Nov 9, 2008 07:55 AM

Cleveland (east side) - Butcher Rec?

I'm relatively new to Cleveland, and I'm looking for a good, reliable butcher (I haven't been too happy with the meat from my grocer). I'm in Cleveland Heights, so something relatively close to that area would be appreciated.

Thanks for the tips

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  1. I'm an ex-Clevelander now living in exile in Tucson (husband's allergic to the mid-west). When I'm back home for my yearly family visits and I want to put on a family feed I do all my shopping at the West Side Farmers Market. which is not far from Cleveland Heights ( my old stomping grounds). They have the best meat, cheese, veggies, baked goods, you name it. As for grocery store chains, my Mom swears by Heinens.
    PS. If your looking for a good restaurant in Cleveland Hts. for breakfast or lunch, may I recommend Tommy's on Coventry. It's been there since I was a young hippie hanging on the street corners and still makes awsome falafel. Also, check out the restaurants and bakeries in Little Italy, just down Murray Hill fromCleveland Hts.
    Enjoy! Cleveland is a great food town.

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      but in that area zagara's is (was at least, i've been gone a bit) a great option for grocery stores. and while i second the mr. brisket recommendation, zagara's was certainly better for grocery store meat in a pinch than many other places. love the heights! enjoy.

    2. The closest quality butcher to you is Mister Brisket a/k/a Sanford Herskovitz ( - a little expensive, but worth it. Beef of all types, Berkshire Pork, house made sausage (the Thai-Style made of veal is delicious), poultry and some seafood items (the Diver Scallops are like little steaks). I've blogged about them (with photos) here:,,,

      Also - they make killer deli sandwiches with their own Pastrami, Corned Beef and house-roasted turkey breast.

      Mr. B can be a little expensive, but you do get what you pay for - even his hotdogs (casing!) are divine.

      We are also partial to the two stores owned by the Mazzulo family - Mazzulo's Butcher Block in Aurora and Bainbridge, I've got a bunch of photos of some of their products here:

      We love their bacon (sourced from a local farm in Ohio) and house-made sausages; my Bohemian husband has proclaimed their Kielbasa the best he's ever had.

      1. mr. brisket is closest to you, but another option is chandler and rudd, on chagrin blvd at warrensville in shaker heights. it's an old-fashioned "gourmet" grocery store that's been in business for ages, and my family swears by the butcher dept/fish counter.

        1. for non wsm places don't forget to try out THE SAUSAGE SHOPPE. it's thee best & a tony bourdain favorite!

          RADDELLS is another goodie: