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Red Velvet Cake?


Does anyone know where I can find great red velvet cake in Toronto?

Thank you!


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  1. No, but interestingly, I've noticed a red velvet type cupcake at Babycakes -

    Out of curiosity I checked other cupcake places and found a red velvet cupcake at Bake; Desserts (maybe they'll custom-make you a whole cake) -

    Have not tried either of the above.

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      Thanks Jamie! This truly is my favorite cake and have always settled on having it in NYC.
      I supppose I could try to make my own, but there is something about purchasing your fav cake and taking it home in a little box and just diving right in, know what I mean?
      I will check out baby cake's version somtime next week.

      I will let you know the results...

    2. If you're ever in Oakville, Stoney's Bread Company on Kerr St. also have homemade red velvet cupcakes...I haven't tried this flavour, but I've tried a few others and they are the best cupcakes I've had!

      1. I'm loathe to make the recommendation (I love the bakery but the husband component of the husband-and-wife team is such an obnoxious twit), but Sweet Bliss makes a terrific red velvet cake, among other things.


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            Just learned recently that the secret to a great RVC is mayonnaise! Who'd a thunk it?

          2. I've tried a lot of Red Velvet cakes throughout TO and the 2 best I've sampled so far are:

            Bake Dessert Co., www.bakedesserts.com which are located north of the city carries their awesome version at Pusateri's on occasion, but you can also special order it from them and pick it up at either Pusateri's.

            I also love the Red Velvet cake found at Phipps Bakery on Eglinton/Avenue Rd.

            1. I have limited experience with red velvet cakes in the States, but I am a real fan and have tried them at both Dean & Deluca, as well as at Magnolia Bakery in NYC.

              In Toronto, the only place I've had them is from Yummy Stuff - yummystuff.ca - 1660 Queen St. W. They are not solid red in colour, but a dark brown (chocolate) with a red hue. I recall that the icing was of the cream cheese variety. I really enjoyed it - the cake was so moist and dense.

              I'm excited to try some of these other bakeries that have been listed here.

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                Swirls in Streetsville sells red velvet cupcakes.

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                  Hey all...Thanks for the replies! I will have to check out some of these over the next few weeks and give you the feedback. I was just in Pusateri's and much to my excitement came across RED VELVET CUPCAKES- I couldn't resist to get 6 in all of the various flavour as well as 3 red velvet cupcakes. I just had the first one and the icing on the top is somewhat traditional but the actual cake is not as red- it is a dark brown with a tinge of red and is almost bordering chocolate.
                  The cupcakes are yummy but just not what the seem. I am sure I will enjoy them all but just a slight bit dissappointed that they are not the real thing- yummy nonetheless.

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                    Have not tried it but saw Red Velvet cake at Cafe Doria this past weekend. Looked quite nice!

                2. try cakestar.ca they make great sweets but not sure if they make red velvet......good luck!

                  1. and then Rahier and Patisserie La Cigogne on the Leaside/Bayview Ave. strip- had individual size cakes.
                    It was my parents 40th anniversary- the "ruby anniversary", and I ended up with some from each of the two Bayview bakeries and very much enjoyed them.
                    Caffe Doria- had cupcakes and large cakes when I was there last week.

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                      Are you saying that Rahier and Patisserie La Cigogne had red velvet cakes? Or just cakes that were red? I have never seen a red velvet cake at either and couldn't imagine a French patisserie selling them... maybe a deficit of imagination?

                      And what about the ones at Caffe Doria?

                      1. re: Full tummy

                        Oh jeez- I'm so wrong.
                        Caffe Doria has cupcakes and full cake version of Red Velvet cake.

                        I just assumed it was the same thing that I bought at Rahier and La Cigogne which were velvety red cakes (creamy sinful truffle/berry deliciousness). I just looked up what a red velvet cake is and it is a red cake with a cream cheese icing. not quite the same thing.