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Nov 9, 2008 07:52 AM

Red Velvet Cake?


Does anyone know where I can find great red velvet cake in Toronto?

Thank you!


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  1. No, but interestingly, I've noticed a red velvet type cupcake at Babycakes -

    Out of curiosity I checked other cupcake places and found a red velvet cupcake at Bake; Desserts (maybe they'll custom-make you a whole cake) -

    Have not tried either of the above.

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    1. re: JamieK

      Thanks Jamie! This truly is my favorite cake and have always settled on having it in NYC.
      I supppose I could try to make my own, but there is something about purchasing your fav cake and taking it home in a little box and just diving right in, know what I mean?
      I will check out baby cake's version somtime next week.

      I will let you know the results...

    2. If you're ever in Oakville, Stoney's Bread Company on Kerr St. also have homemade red velvet cupcakes...I haven't tried this flavour, but I've tried a few others and they are the best cupcakes I've had!

      1. I'm loathe to make the recommendation (I love the bakery but the husband component of the husband-and-wife team is such an obnoxious twit), but Sweet Bliss makes a terrific red velvet cake, among other things.

          1. re: tjr

            Just learned recently that the secret to a great RVC is mayonnaise! Who'd a thunk it?

          2. I've tried a lot of Red Velvet cakes throughout TO and the 2 best I've sampled so far are:

            Bake Dessert Co., which are located north of the city carries their awesome version at Pusateri's on occasion, but you can also special order it from them and pick it up at either Pusateri's.

            I also love the Red Velvet cake found at Phipps Bakery on Eglinton/Avenue Rd.