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Nov 9, 2008 07:29 AM

corned beef row in Bmore

Attmans, Lenny's, Weiss: What do you like at the 3 delis?. What should I avoid?

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  1. I go to Attmans when I seek a pure corned beef on rye with mustard..
    I go to Weiss when I seek a Cloak and Dagger(Weiss also has the better pickle in my opinion)
    Haven't been to Lenny's since it was Jack's!!!

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    1. re: Hue

      what makes Weiss' C&D better? And does a true C&D include Swiss or not? I know Attmans charges extra. Eddie's of Roland Park includes Swiss on the C&D. What is the 411?

    2. I have been going to Attman's since way back when, and have always been a satisfied customer.

      1. For me, it's all about Attmans. There is a reason that the line often stretches out the door. On a positive note, it moves quickly. I get either the corned beef extra lean or the cloak and dagger. DH swears by the matza ball soup and chocolate topped cookies. Pickles are superb!

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        1. re: rudmansjmu

          I'm visiting from the midwest, please what is a cloak n dagger? Thanks

            1. re: hon

              I suppose I'm a heathen, but a cloak and dagger sounds like a terrible thing to do to perfectly good corned beef.

              1. re: Hal Laurent

                you are a heathen. the cloak and dagger is a great Baltimore sandwich. I suppose a Reuben is a terrible thing to do to corned beef?

                1. re: orangecrush

                  > I suppose a Reuben is a terrible thing to do to corned beef?

                  Well yes, actually. :-)

                  To each their own.

        2. Attman's Corned Beef.... End of story

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          1. re: AlexDer

            Agree with Attman's corned beef but couldn't they invest something to improve the store? Same old chairs, appliances, floor, etc. A little gross.

            1. re: namret

              Attman's is like a comfortable old chair. Maybe it's a little shabby, maybe it smells, but we've spent years putting that butt groove into it and that's how we likes it. Replacing it with a $4k Eames chair just wouldn't be the same.