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Nov 9, 2008 06:57 AM

Lower Maine, Anniversary Dinner this weekend.....?

We're headed up to one of our old haunts this coming weekend, the York area of Maine. We're staying in the harbor area for a change, and would like your take on several places. It's an anniversary weekend (# 23!) for us and we'd like to try a new place for dinner Saturday evening.
Here is a short list: Joshua's in Wells, on Route 1, the latest rendition of the Cape Neddick Inn, and Annika Jans in Kittery. We've been to MC Perkins Cove, but the last time it was a disaster. We'd try it again giving them the benefit of the doubt, maybe for a lunch but not dinner.

We want to stay away from the more over-the-top type of places like the White Barn Inn and Arrows. Me being recently laid off hurts.. ouch! BTW, husband isn't a seafood eater even though coming from a long line of Yankees. He will eat crab cakes and conch fritters..those two only.
My cross to carry!

It's been a while since I've posted...nice new look to the site!

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  1. Hi there
    My fiance and I went to York Harbor for a little getaway about a month ago and discovered a wonderful and romantic place we had never been to. It's called Clay Hill Farm and is in Cape Neddick outside of York Harbor. Very lovely grounds if you can get there before dark (tough since "Fall back" I know) take a look around. I highly recommend this place. Delicious food, unique setting, relaxing...

    1. From your list, I'd go with Joshua's. If you're looking for other suggestions, check out the Chapman Cottage Inn (, in York. As for Clay Hill Farm, it's not new, it's been around forever (I first learned of it in the early 1990s).

      1. Joshua's has gotten good notices here recently.

        Annika Jans reviews are more mixed. It is more intimate space and can be noisy. More innovative menu.

        Also consider Hurricane and Bandaloop in Kennebunkport (check Winter hours).

        1. just north in Oqunquit is Gypsy Sweethearts - we had a fabulous dinner there recently. Upstairs is very nice with jazz music going on. Very creative dishes, I did a review recently on new england ch:

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            If you are interested in going north to Ogunquit, or a little farther north ,I would recommend a place in Ogunquit, Johnathan's , have never had a bad meal there. ( If you want to go north into Wells, there's a real nice Italian Restaurant on mile rd. Called Varano's ( Also they have from what i have heard a real nice Restaurant in the York Harbor Inn.( Hope this gives you a few more options for your trip. Let us all know how you made out. Thanks,,, Earle Ct.

            1. re: Earle

              What about Bintliff's in Ogunquit? The food is good, and you can get one of those cozy private dining cubbies.

          2. Anneke Jans is a great choice. Excellent food and service. However, it is noisey. Gypsy Sweethearts is a good choice but I believe it is closed for the season as are many places. The last time we were at Clay Hill Farm it looked old and dreary- really needs a face lift. Hurricane in Kennebunkport is very good if you don;t mind driving that far. Also, you might consider Blue Sky in York- a gorgeous restaurant with innovative food. There were service issues this summer- not sure if they have been solved.

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              I personally find Hurricane's to be a borderline tourist trap.

              Joshua's would be first on the list from what you're considering. Ahead of it, though a bit more pricey would be 98 Provence.

              1. re: negrazer

                Thanks to everyone for their opinions and posts... now it's up to us to make a decision.
                Totally forgot about Blue Sky, thank you for the reminder.

                I'll let you know where we go and post the results. A good thing for this time of year with many places closed up for the season. Less to choose from but most likely better, less harried service and more thoughtful preparation of food.

                There's something to be said for getting married in November instead of June!

                1. re: Lilibet

                  one other suggestion, On the Marsh in Kennebunkport. I would go at least one night to Annika Jans in Kittery.
                  enjoy the celebration

                  1. re: martyl9

                    I love On the Marsh and would second that recommendation! Romantic ambience....delicious food...perfect for an anniversary dinner.