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Nov 9, 2008 06:06 AM

How's Michael Jordan's?

I've got a cousin and Aunt from Rome who will be in NYC in December. A group of us will be meeting them for lunch (or possibly dinner) on a Saturday in the midtown-ish area. We want a good restaurant in an interesting location and have sort of settled on Michael Jordan's. I know it's not a top NYC culinary spot, but it seems to get fairly solid recommendations and the dramatic location is an extra benefit. Comments would be appreciated!

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  1. Pretty good steaks. Not the best in NYC but towards the top, esp. the ribeye. During lunch they have a great burger, very underrated. Mac and cheese is a pretty good side too. Plus you have the location right in Grand Central.

    1. as previously said, not the best but very solid. great service, good value for a steakhouse lunch, and an amazing view. everything is solid but i particularly like the filet and the mac and cheese.

      1. I love their creamed spinach, best I've ever had in a restaurant. And the view.......

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          thanks for the responses. I think I feel comfortable with this choice!

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            You will not be disappointed if your expectations are realistic. You will however have a very good steak, great atmosphere and excellent sides.
            Go with the ribeye

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Good bone marrow dish.