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Nov 9, 2008 05:24 AM

turkey prices

anyone have any clue where to buy my thanksgiving turkey

i know i should have bought a few weeks ago, but i only now have the freezer space for it

where are the prices not insane?

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  1. Where are you at? Becayse here in Chicago they are not too bad -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      Im in NY.Waldbaums has them for 2.99, but that's insane.

      I do have the $10 towards one for buying 20 boxes of cereal, but I still cant bring myself to spend $50 on a turkey

    2. As it gets closer to thanksgiving you should see the deals appear. Usually Keyfood has good prices. You can keep tabs on prices by visiting

      and looking at the circulars of the various stores online.

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      1. re: MartyB

        I do check the circulars, do you have any clue what the regualr non-sale price is for whole frozen turkeys is at brachs or gg?

        1. re: shoelace

          Stay away from the kosher venues, I have never, ever, seen them with reasonable turkey prices. Keep an eye on Keyfood for the frozen Empire turkeys.

          1. re: MartyB

            there seems to be no reasonable this year, I miss the days of .69lb turkeys

            1. re: shoelace

              I'll take $1.29. Anyway, I thnk that it is still too early for the specials to appear, although I don't think that it will be super low. I will be satisfied with $1.99/lb. I usually stock up on turkeys around thankgiving time, but this year I have a feeling that I will buy only the one that I will use for the dinner.

              I am stocking up on some good deals in the chicken catagory, chicken cutlets and chicken breasts, as well on some excellent deals on meats that currently exist (probably not for too long).

      2. If your butcher can get a fresh turkey for you, go for it. Infinitely better texture, flavor, and juiciness. That said, our supply here in St. Louis has been sporadic. I think we had to take a frozen turkey last year.

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        1. re: p.j.

          Last year (2007), TRADER JOE'S ( ) had *fresh* OU kosher turkeys, under the Trader Joe's label! I assume it was Empire or Rubashkin packaged in a different wrapper, but it was a mighty tasty bird indeed.

          1. re: midasgold

            I just called up Trader Joe's (the Hewlett, NY store) and they'll be arriving - TRADER JOE'S brand FRESH KOSHER TURKEYS on November 14, 2008. The store clerk didn't know what the price would be this year. If you're interested, I'd pick up one quickly, since they sold out rather briskly last year (I believe I got the very last one).


        2. It looks like the preponderance of kosher shopping options, like Brachs, Gourmet Glatt and Supersol have taken its toll on the general supermarkets in the 5 towns. I just got in the mail flyers as well as looking at the supplements found in Newsday, it appears that they are abandoning the kosher market. In all prior years comes thanksgiving they would have as one of the holiday turkey options Empire. Now there is no mention of an Empire option and no mention of prices on Empire on most of the stores.

          Foodtown, for example has the following options if you spend $100:
          Free Foodtown turkey
          Free Foodtown turkey breast
          Free Cook’s shank smoked ham
          Free Cook’s spiral sliced honey ham
          Shady Brook Farms turkey $.60/lb
          Shady Brook Farms turkey breast $.90/lb
          Butterball Frozen turkey $.30/lb

          You would think they can sneak in a kosher option?

          King Kullen has $.29/lb turkey if you spend $50. Again, no mention of kosher options.

          Stop & Shop
          Shady Brooks farms frozen turkey $.59/lb
          Butterball frozen turkey $.99/lb
          Shady Brooks Farms fresh turkey $.99/lb
          Butterball fresh turkey $1.49

          Stop & Shop does advertise Empire for an astounding $2.49/lb, but is not one of the card club options.

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          1. re: MartyB

            Keyfood is selling Empire Kosher turkey for $1.99/lb (reg $2.39) with $25 purchase. I have a feeling that this will be the best price this season so I will only buy one turkey for my family. I will have to scare up $25 of items (not too hard this day and age) and more importantly find some room in my freezer. I just may wait to purchase turkey closer to thanksgiving so I can place it into my frig. This is after all not such a blockbuster price for me to worry about it being gobbled up.

            1. re: MartyB

              Waldbaums has the same. It really makes me mad that Im enthused abt 1.99

              Do you know if the sales are going to continue till thanksgiving?

              I'd like to wait as well, but Im scared to miss the sale and they wouldn't guive me a straight answer

            2. re: MartyB

              I was upset about the exclusion of the kosher option that I fired of an email to Foodtown. They replied positively and hopefully will be reflected in next weeks circular,


              My name is Noah Katz and I am one of the owners of Foodtown. (in Hewlett).

              I got your email...sorry for the confusion and the fact that we overlooked putting the Kosher Turkey's in as part of the printed promotion in the flyer.

              Please know that all shoppers may take the price per pound of a Foodtown Turkey OFF the price of a kosher Empire Turkey, when they have accumulated the $300 spend.

              I just called Jerry the Meat Manager and he did in fact confirm that this is our practice, we just made a big mistake by not including it in the flyer.

              We will make signs and post them around the store.

              At the end of the day, I have no one to blame but myself, as I am the owner, but there was a mistake made in this process, It certainly should have been included in print. It was always our intention to provide a Kosher Turkey at a discounted price when shoppers spend $300 in the period before the holiday.

              Again, I apologize and I hope that you have a great holiday.


              Noah Katz
              Vice President
              Foodtown - PSK Supermarkets

              1. re: MartyB

                The *fresh* kosher turkeys flew into the Hewlett Trader Joe's yesterday (Friday, 11/14/2008). They're $2..29 per pound - less than this week's Gourmet Glatt advertised price of $2.69 per pound for *frozen* Empire turkeys.

                1. re: midasgold

                  Nice price, I may go for it if I can be assured that it will be in stock, at that price, a few days before thanksgiving. Too early to buy for thanksgiving yet.

                  1. re: MartyB

                    anyone have any clue if they have these in merrick as well?

                    1. re: MartyB

                      my wife just picked up a 14 lb turkey at Trader Joes. we'll freeze it for a few days. I think the frozen turkeys that are sold as frozen go thru a different freezing process for long term freezing.

                  2. re: MartyB

                    Very disappointed, I just looked at the advertisement supplement from Foodtown that was included in today's Newsday. No mention, again, of kosher turkey option; just the prior turkey/ham options. Just goes to show that talk is cheep. I stick to my initial observation that the local supermarkets have abandoned the kosher consumer. With Brachs, Gourmet Glatt, Supersol, Kosher World and now Glatt Kosher Kingdom, there is really no reason to have to deal with the supermarkets that you have to look at every single can and package to find the hechsher. I guess Foodtown has come to this conclusion as well and it was not worth to spare the space in the circular for an Empire turkey thankgiving option. Maybe they think that the kosher consumer doesn't celebrate thanksgiving?

                2. As of yesterday, they have plenty of them in Trader Joe's Merrick.

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                  1. re: Lissy63

                    hey, if you keep telling people that, they wont have any when i go to get one on monday!

                    i bought one early in the week to test out, and just finished it up last night, it was good

                    1. re: shoelace

                      There were some at TJs in Hewlett last night. My guess is that they are Empire, because of the KAJ connection (as indicated on the label).

                      Whole Foods at Houston and 2nd Ave had Wise's Organic Fresh for $1.69/lb- which I thought was a good price for a fresh, organic bird. (Alas, I didn't take it home with me on the LIRR.)

                      1. re: whitewater

                        That price must be an error. The retail price of organic turkey should be somewhere around $4.00/lb. The store is losing significant money on each one.

                        1. re: momrn

                          Just went to Gourmet Glatt in the 5 towns, they are selling Wise Organic Frozen turkeys for $5.49/lb.